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Alternative Rock Events 2021

Alternative rock has come to represent a wide range of musical tastes. While the genre maintains a steady rock music base, bands can vary in their distinguishing sounds immensely. Alt-rock emerged from the independent, underground music scene of the 1980s. The term “alternative” was applied to these bands who sought to offer something different than the day’s mainstream rock music. Out of this movement, a new mainstream as born, along with the emergence of sub-genres like punk rock, post-rock, and new wave.

While the alternative rock label was thrown around in the ‘80s, it became a prominent popular genre in the early ‘90s. The creation of Lollapalooza by Jane Addiction’s frontman Perry Farrell in 1991 was one significant contributor. It’s been said he “reunited disparate elements of the alternative rock community” which included artists like Ice-T, Nine Inch Nails, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. The unifying of this broad range of rock artists, who had previously kept to their individual, narrow niches, made alternative rock more accessible to the larger music world.

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  1. The Common Sounds of Alt-Rock

    Alternative rock serves as an umbrella identifier for many nuanced rock groups. In the beginning, though, punk rock was the primary movement within the genre. These bands wrote songs that sought to reject and deny the commercialism of mainstream culture. As alt-rock bands grew in their range of sound and influence, they came to find commonality in use of power chords, picked out riffs, buzz with fuzztone, and squealing feedback. Modern bands represented by the genre continue to write songs that address topics like drug use, depression, suicide, and environmentalism.

    Sub-genres within the alt-rock umbrella include grunge, Britpop, indie rock, post-grunge, and emo rock. Fans of the genre are, in many cases, aligned with the creative aims of such bands. They also care about social issues and keeping a distance from the mainstream status quo. Even so, alternative rock has come to describe so many different musical artists, and its respective bands are enjoyed by all kinds of music fans.

    A Globally Loved Genre

    Alt-rock is popular in every corner of the world. Every culture has seen its own, locally influenced alternative music scene emerge. It’s also common to see alternative bands from one vein of sound influence bands of another. For example, the legendary Britrock band Radiohead has come to shape much of North America’s own artists like Arcade Fire, Dinosaur Jr., and Death Cab for Cutie.

    Due to the immense diversity among alt-rock bands, their live concerts and music festivals are great in number. Lollapalooza has become one of the most premier music and arts festivals in the world, comparable to Coachella. Other significant alt-rock festivals include Sweetwater 420 Festival, Shaky Knees Festival, Bonnaroo Music Festival, and Pitchfork Festival.

    Getting Tickets to an Alternative Rock Event

    Tickets to alternative rock events have a price and availability range as differing as of the bands who play at them. Typically, when you go to an event featuring a specific alt-rock niche, ticket availability will generally decrease, but so will the prices. This inverses for the bigger festivals who feature a greater breadth of alt-rock band appearances. Alternative rock has ironically become a major player in the mainstream music culture, and tickets to its events are highly sought after. On top of their easy-to-enjoy music, festivals usually have some of the best art and film representations as well.

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    The Diverse Experience

    Witness your favorite rock genres and bands and discover new ones when you attend an alt-rock event. You’re sure to be immersed in heart palpitating rhythms and meaningful lyrics that continue to pioneer the music frontier. Live performances, whether at a local venue or a major festival, are numerous, to say the least, making it easy to find tickets. Search the many events and get your tickets at SeatRetriever today.


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