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Aaron Lewis, best known for his work as the lead singer of the alternative metal band Staind, was born in Rutland City, Vermont in 1972. In 2010, he stopped playing for the band and started a solo career in country music. No one could expect his raw breathy voice that was perfect for metal would also fit singing the traditional country storytelling. Lewis’ country lyrics are descriptive and beautiful and any listener will share the same wistful connections Lewis cleverly observers in his own life.Read More ...

  1. Aaron Lewis’ Performances

    To match the increasing demand for his performances, Lewis has started to travel all over America. He has been invited to perform at major events and sang the United States’ national anthem before Game 5 of the World Series in 2014. As Lewis continues to make a name for himself within the country music scene, we will see his name on bigger events and more headlines.

    Steps to Buy Tickets

    Tickets for Lewis’ live performances are very popular because he has a large fan base from both his Staind days and his new country fans. SeatRetriever will help you make sure you learn about available tickets before they completely sell out. His performance will be meaningful for anyone who loves listening to a live guitar.

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    What’s Unique?

    A gifted lyricist, Lewis has always written music that is very first person. Fans that fall in love with his music also fall in love with him as a person. Despite his demeanor, Lewis is not afraid to show that he is also sensitive and that makes him likable and relatable. He has a strong baritone voice that delivers sadder notes with a unique passion that has the ability to somber a room.

    Lewis interacts with his audience a lot during his live performances. He likes to share his music with his fans as if he was having a conversation with them. In between songs he will answer questions and even retort hecklers. For fans, his live performances are very personal and you won’t feel like just another face in the crowd. He will play songs from both his country career and from his Staind days; you get to hear a lot of metal songs played at a slower tempo. His voice is even more powerful live; you can feel it bounce off the walls around you.

    The Bridge between Country and Metal

    While many people doubted Lewis could transition into the country genre after writing metal songs for most of his career, he has proved his doubters wrong. Country music has brought a new perspective to the talents Lewis is well known for.

    Lewis keeps gaining more fans with each new release. He is quietly becoming one of the most liked figures in the country scene and continues to introduce his older fans into the country music genre.


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