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Bad Religion is an 80s punk rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California. They’re known for their association with skateboarding culture and for covering social, political, and religious topics (to name a few). Unlike most punk bands, Bad Religion features deep melodic sensibility highlighted by their frequent use of three-part vocal harmonies. The band is held together by Greg Graffin, the only constant member since the band’s inception, and offers one of the best live punk shows for music fans to enjoy.Read More ...

  1. The Gateway Punk

    Punk bands like Bad Religion are some of the most enjoyable to experience live and in person. Many punk shows pulsate with pubescent energy, but Bad Religion’s music has become known for its more laid back and melodic pace. They’re a great band to see live if you’re a fan of punk, or if you’re just getting into punk for the first time. The group is, in many ways, one of the forefathers of modern indie punk. They tour most often after the release of an album, often solo, but they have also toured with other bands like Blink-182, Pennywise, and the Offspring. Bad Religion has also performed at a number of well-known music festivals. They’ve played at the Van’s Warped Tour, the Pinkpop Festival, and Download Festival.

    Where to Find Tickets to a Bad Religion Show

    Bad Religion was, for a long time, a very loved underground band that produced culturally relevant music. They have since become a favorite from the 90s mainstream punk scene and continue to produce cultural commentary through their music. With more than fifteen full-length albums, Bad Religion has slowed down their music-writing marathon. They continue to release new music nonetheless, providing plenty of opportunities to see them live. Tickets to see Bad Religion live in concert can be found at SeatRetriever. SeatRetriever offers the best deals on tickets to your favorite music events. Don’t miss your chance to see Bad Religion perform at a music festival (who knows where in the world) or on tour with your other favorite punk bands.

    The Emergence of Post-Punk

    While Bad Religion was heavily influenced by early punk groups like the Ramones, the Germs, the Sex Pistols, and the Clash, they also found musical roots in new wave artists like Elvis Costello, the Jam, and Nick Lowe. The broad musical perspective they shouldered helped to create their pre-alternative-rock sound.

    With a name like “Bad Religion,” you can be sure to find some strong opinions among the musicians in the group. Most of their songs comment on the modern-day political and social climate, quite unashamedly at that. Two of their albums, The Empire Strikes First and Age of Unreason were written and released in direct opposition to presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump respectively. On a lighter note, despite their name, the group is not actually anti-religion. They have stated that they use religion as a metaphor “for anything that does not allow for an individual’s freedom to think or express themselves as they choose.”

    See Bad Religion for Yourself

    With over two dozen major tours in their pocket, Bad Religion is an experienced and highly-sought after live act. Their smooth punk sound combined with succinct purposeful lyrics results in a performance that offers significance to its viewers. Witness Bad Religion for yourself, and get your tickets through SeatRetriever today.


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