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Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the band members initially consisted of Jorel Decker (J-Dog), Aron Erlichman (Deuce), and Jeff Phillips (Shady Jeff). They would become Hollywood Undead in 2015 when they invited their friends to join. With multiple MCs who rap over rock instrumentals, the band is described as a rap-rock group and is credited to have pioneered the crunk core genre. The group is known for their vulgar lyrics as they believe they are honest storytellers to the unfortunate nature of humanity that people want to forget. Read More ...

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  1. Breakout Tours

    The band would get the chance to tour with Skillrex in 2009. The band has been known to go on tour with Avenged Sevenfold frequently. In 2011, Hollywood Undead had their first international tour and played in Australia, Canada and the UK. The band has played in festivals all around the world such as the Sziget Festival in Hungary and the Reading Festival in the UK. With their aggressive and unique style, they have garnered a loyal fan base from all over the world.

    Going to a Show

    Hollywood Undead participates in a lot of music festivals with tons of other popular music acts. They either join mainstream festivals or festivals that mainly consist of alternative rock and punk bands. Festival tickets can feel overpriced especially if you only want to see Hollywood Undead. However, ticket bundles and discounts always exist that will actually make these festivals economical for you and something you will be willing to buy. Seat Retriever is perfect if you are searching for these tickets because it always keeps up to date with the newest bargains.

    The band also tours but their concerts can become filled up quickly. They have a lot of fans all over the world who are always waiting for their chance to go see them. You do not want to miss this opportunity because their concerts are famous for being fun. Check Seat Retriever regularly and often to find the closest available concert near you.

    An Amazing Band

    This rap group is rather eccentric sometimes and they bring that uniqueness into their music. Their lyrics are aggressive and full of angst. They rap over dark but catchy instrumentals. Hollywood Undead weaves together satirical and depressive stories that range from topics such as alcohol and partying too much. They are famous for their vulgarity and their lack of censorship. Overall, their music seems to celebrate the vibe of a bad hangover after a party.

    Hollywood Undead’s style proves to be the perfect music to make a crowd bounce at their live concerts. Their events cannot be missed if you are searching for a live event where the crowd will be dancing. They usually are wearing masks while performing and they strive to put a threatening touch into their outfits and props. Their very active on stage and reflect their aggressive music style. Despite this, Hollywood Undead’s main goal is for people to have fun and any of the intimidating designs the band uses are only for show. They are also incredibly funny and are constantly cracking jokes; many people will find themselves laughing in between songs.

    The Storytellers

    Hollywood Undead’s continued success is proof that their lyrics resonate with people all over the world. Their music is meant to be fun, but also aware that their fun shouldn’t mean that they should ignore the darker side of humanity. As they continue to tour, their popularity has only increased and they will start to play in larger music events.


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