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Ingrid Michaelson 2021

Ingrid Ellen Michaelson was born in 1979. She was born in New York City. Her fans know her for her songwriting abilities and she releases a lot of beautiful folk and pop tunes. Some of her songs have charted extremely well and achieved mainstream recognition. She has steadily released albums since her debut which has elevated her into a consistent force throughout the world.

Both of Michaelson’s parents were involved with creating art. Her mother was a sculptor and her dad was a composer.Read More ...

  1. A music producer who worked with Grey’s Anatomy reached out to her after listening to her second album. Several record labels also started to approach her too but she wanted to keep the benefits of being an independent artist. Her second album was re-released in 2007. A few singles charted well on the Billboards and her name reached national fame. Since then, Michaelson has released many albums to great critical acclaim. She collaborated with artists such as Sara Bareilles and Allie Moss. She also became in charge of larger music projects. For example, it was announced in 2019 that Michaelson was in charge of composing the score of a musical adaptation to the famous romance film The Notebook.

    Special Music Concerts

    Michaelson has performed at many unique concerts. As early as 2008, Michaleson joined the Hotel Cafe Tour and her proceeds going towards cancer research. One of her shows in Sydney, Australia is available online at MoshCam. In 2010,  at the National Christmas Tree Lighting, Michealson performed with Bareilles for President Obama and his family. There were many other important spectators there too.

    Finding Your Tickets

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    A Glitter Sound

    Many of her fans have described her music as glittery and beautiful. There is a delicate character in her songwriting. You can tell she is influenced by her theatrical background and a lot of her music seems to embrace a performative nature. Her talent is undeniable and it shows in her consistency. She continues to write catchy and memorable hooks and melodies.

    Michaelson is a skilled instrumentalist. She is a great pianist, guitarist and plays the ukulele a lot too. Her delicate songwriting is also a part of her stage persona. Her voice is amazing because of how crisp and unique it is. Her voice sounds perfect live. Her folk songs sound great on stage because you can tell she loves performing them.

    A Wonderful Singer

    Any fan would be lucky to get their hands on her tickets. Her consistency is one of the biggest reasons her fan base continues to increase. Old fans stay loyal while new fans appear everyday. There is always a seat for anyone interested in listening to her sing. Make sure you do not miss out on one of the most majestic music performances currently.


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