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Matt and Kim 2022

Matt and Kim is an American indie electronic duo out of Brooklyn, New York. Matt Johnson, the singer and keyboard player, met Kim Schifino while the two were students at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute. Matt is from Whitingham Vermont, and Kim is from Providence, Rhode Island. Neither of the two was there studying music, but both were focusing on the creative endeavors, film, and illustration respectively. The couple graduated two years apart. When Johnson graduated, Matt and Kim began dating and they moved in together after three months. This was when they picked up their instruments.Read More ...

  1. Matt and Kim Live

    On stage, Matt and Kim present their tacks with boundless energy. Both are known to stand on their stools and make grand gestures to the audience during the middle of a song. When performing Matt and Kim take the time to interact with the audience. They encourage the crowd to jump up and down and dance wildly as one to their trance-like beats. The music video for their song “Get It” demonstrates some of the duo’s antics. At their shows crowd surfing and the passing along of massive beach balls is typical. while some have criticized the group’s music as overly simplistic and “elementary,” others, like Paste writer Jeremy Medina, find their style “disarmingly catchy.” The band’s style on stage is true to their Brooklyn roots. Matt will wear trendy striped t-shirts and Kim interesting, bright blouses which contrast against her tattoos.

    Buying Tickets to See Matt and Kim Live in Concert

    Matt and Kim have been successfully touring the world now for over a decade. They frequent music festivals such as Coachella, the Siren Festival, the Firefly Festival, and Lollapalooza. Along with their festival schedule during the summer Matt and Kim play venues across America the Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre in Chula Vista and the House of Blues in New Orleans. During a tour where Matt and Kim were supporting the Fall Out Boys, the duo played two nights in London at Wembley. At the beginning of their career, the duo also toured with the punk band Against Me!.

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    More About Matt and Kim

    Perhaps the realm where Matt and Kim have been most successful is in the distribution of their music throughout popular culture. Songs by the couple have been featured in numerous, commercials, TV shows, video games, and movies. The 2009 single “Daylight” was featured in commercials for Mars Bars, and more famously in the States, Bacardi. It also appeared on the shows Community and Jimmy Kimmel Live. The song “Cameras” was used both for a Tune Up advertisement, on the film, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’s soundtrack and the first episode of the third season of Gossip Girl. In 2015 the song “Get It” was featured in the FXX show Man Seeking Woman, and an advertisement for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Smartphones have also been advertised accompanied by Matt and Kim music.

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