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Despite their prominence nowadays as one of the most influential indie-rock bands of all time, the Shins started with humble beginnings. The upbeat, guitar-driven group was conceived by singer/songwriter James Mercer as a side project to his primary band, Flake Music. Early on, the Shins toured with Modest Mouse and were signed to Sub Pop Records. Jesse Sandoval, Martin Crandall, and Dave Hernandez made up the original band alongside Mercer, creating their critically acclaimed two first albums, Oh, Inverted World and Chutes Too Narrow. Their third album, Wincing the Night Away, was a major success, peaking at number two on the Billboard 200 and earning a Grammy Award nomination. Eventually, after a change of record labels, Mercer parted ways with the original band. The Shins have since performed with a plethora of different musicians.Read More ...

  1. The Shins Performances

    The Shins bring their well-adored music all over the world. They have performed in every major venue and music festival imaginable, but they also choose to play in some smaller, more obscure venues too. Early on, they often played shows in the southern states which helped to develop the music scene in their home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They regularly play sold-out shows where tickets are swiftly and eagerly bought. The band’s concerts have become more scarce since their return in 2012.

    Buying Tickets to See the Shins in Concert

    With the resurgence of the Shins’ new albums, seeing the band live is a true delicacy. The Shins’ shows, whether in venues or festivals, are numerous around the time of an album’s release, but they do not tour frequently between releases. Their concerts regularly sell-out, with audiences of all generations quickly snatching up tickets. You can stay up to date on Seat Retriever for new show announcements and last minute tickets to see the Shins. Seeing Mercer and company should be a bucket-list item for music lovers.

    Even though they are a popular band, the Shins often play in venues that offer cheap tickets. This means it is even more important to buy Shins tickets early since they sell out quickly. Seat Retriever exists to help you find the best deals without being too late. You can even catch last minute tickets on sale that others are prone to miss out on.

    What Stands Out?

    The Shins are major pioneers of the indie-rock sound that so many listen to today. This is largely due to the creative mind of frontman James Mercer. He writes songs based on his life experiences, allowing for a maturing array of music that makes for truly exciting setlists. Ever since the band’s beginning in the late ’90s, their music, and respective performances, defined success for their genre.

    The Shins’ music was written to be played live. The intentional setlist along with elaborate stage design make audiences feel like they are in a storybook fantasy. The Shins’ concerts demonstrate how art can become a captivating emotional experience. Every guitar stroke, drum beat, and bass line are more pronounced live. It changes how you listen to the Shins forever.

    With the band’s infrequent production of new albums, seeing their live shows are a special occasion. Mercer often takes long breaks between releases to recover and write new music. It is a high probability that seeing them in concert is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When waiting for new shows to be scheduled, you can enjoy the Shins’ rock-pop sound in the background of indie films, such as Garden State and Wish I Was Here, or TV shows, like Gilmore Girls.

    Experiencing the Shins Live

    You never know when the Shins will stop creating music and performing live. There is a special sense of camaraderie among those attending. Mercer’s haunting lyrics and melodies are sung with the crowd regularly joining in, creating an atmosphere like no other. When they tour, you can rest assured that they will be playing in a venue or festival near you. SeatRetriever makes it easy to find the best deals for a local show, so you won’t have to miss a performance by the Shins.

    The Shins have shaped the history of the indie pop-rock genre as we know it, and much of that occurred because of their live performances. Don’t wait to see them in concert before it’s too late. On Seat Retriever you can find upcoming shows and get your last minute Shins tickets.


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