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Andrea Bocelli 2022

Before he was a world-renowned singer and songwriter, Andrea Bocelli was a court-appointed lawyer. He spent one year using his law degree, which he earned at the University of Pisa. During his time at law school, he earned money by performing at piano bars in the evenings. His love for performing began decades before, however.

The Italian tenor became interested in music at 6 years old. It was then that he started taking piano lessons, later learning how to play other instruments including the flute, saxophone, trumpet, and guitar. What makes Andrea’s already impressive musical resume even more extraordinary is that he has been blind since the age of 12.Read More ...

  1. Notable Performances

    Andrea’s duet with Celine Dion is certainly one of the highlights of his career. He has also collaborated with Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, Josh Groban and Placido Domingo on projects.

    One of his favorite moments was singing “The Lord’s Prayer” for Pope Francis in 2015. It was during the Pope’s visit to the United States that Andrea got the chance to perform for him in Philadelphia. Of the experience, Bocelli told TIME magazine,

    “Having the chance to sing again in front of the Holy Father, for whom I have deep and sincere devotion, offering my humble contribution as a fervent Catholic, is a great honor for me. St. Augustine notoriously reminds us that singing is an extraordinary form of prayer. And this is my goal, my purpose and my joy: to pray together.”

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    What’s Special?

    Not only is Andrea Bocelli an incredible vocalist, but he also impresses as a multi-instrumentalist. And while most of his music falls in the classical and opera genres, he has recorded albums in the pop genre too.

    Even those who aren’t fans of less contemporary music styles will be overcome with admiration by Andrea Bocelli’s talents. Traces of his expansive abilities are found throughout his performances, making them an event to remember.

    The Andrea Bocelli Experience

    To say that attending an Andrea Bocelli concert is an emotional experience is quite the understatement. His voice has been called one of the best in the world by fellow singers and music industry pros alike. He has a natural gift that has never been hindered by his blindness. If anything, his loss of vision makes his performances all the more touching. His strong faith and positive outlook on life give his songs an extra dose of splendor that inspires audiences everywhere.

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