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Celtic Woman 2020

Celtic Woman is a band composed of five female vocalists. The band had original intentions to produce a stunning, one-time event, but after receiving such positive public feedback, they decided to continue their performances. Since their startup in 2005, they have been nominated for a Grammy Award, and are best known for singing traditional Celtic songs that synthesize tradition and modernity.Read More ...

  1. What is Special about Celtic Woman?

    According to Billboard’s World Album Chart, Celtic Woman has secured a total of 12 back-to-back #1 albums. The band has been described to deliver life-altering performances, and has a large appeal to different needs of music year round. When Christmas music is in need of traditional instrumentation and a bit of Irish flare, Celtic Woman has an album for it. The band members are known to craft songs with a classical Irish appeal, and synonymously give the tunes modern makeovers. They most notably create new-age, original songs that are redefining Ireland’s heritage as they find more success. See Celtic Woman live to experience new-age Irish legacy as it’s made. Fans are sure to see and experience traditional Irish instruments they have never seen or heard of before.

    Notable Performances by Celtic Woman

    Celtic Woman has been described by their fanbase as a near-perfect performance band. Fans describe the Celtic Woman concert experience to have angelic elements through song sensations and stage visuals. Celtic Woman’s angelic stage presence was especially evident in the design of their Voices of Angels tour.

    The Voices of Angels tour attracted much attention and talk of the gorgeous gowns the women wore as they sang classical songs like “Ave Maria” in silken tones and perfect vibrato. Celtic Woman performances combine gorgeous lightshows, beautifully talented voices, and live instrumental accompaniment to create their unwavering and consistent sound. Experience modern Irish tradition and magic by seeing Celtic Woman Live, and secure your seats today.

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