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Born in Grand Saline, Texas in 1972, Chris Tomlin has become one of the most famous touring Contemporary Christian musicians in the present. A devote Christians, he has realized his gifts were given to him by God. He has used his talents for the Lord and directs them for the Lord’s service. He is a great singer-songwriter; his songs are full of praise and worship.

Tomlin wrote his first worship song at the early age of fourteen. He would learn to lead worship groups as he grew up in his city. When he entered college, he became very invested in leading the Christian club on campus in worship.Read More ...

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    He has created his own church and helped find the Passion Conferences. These conferences are one of the biggest international places where people come together and worship the Lord. He used to lead worship for the Austin Stone Community Church but has now moved and opened The Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Besides playing in churches, Tomlin can be found headlining national tours with other Christian musicians all the time. He has also joined Passion Conferences on their international tours.

    Steps to See Tomlin Live

    Despite the churches Tomlin plays for, you will not be able to see him perform in every church meeting. He is always on tour; when he does play for Passion City Church the church will fill up. Seat Retriever will be here to help you catch tickets to see him play. You will be able to see where he is playing and when he is playing.

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    Worshipping with Tomlin

    Tomlin’s lyrics bring out the perfect atmosphere for worship. His songs are meant to be sung. With Tomlin’s help and guidance, many people will find themselves losing themselves in worship. His music is creative and fun to sing. Worshipping the Lord is a commandment for his followers and Tomlin has dedicated himself helping other Christians realize why worship is so important.

    The audience at his concerts is brimming with God’s glory and the music fills the room with God’s grace. His concerts are not about him but about coming together and worshipping the Lord. They are powerful and are perfect for anyone who wants to a night where they can set aside their life worries and dedicate themselves to the Lord. Anyone who likes concerts will appreciate Tomlin because he can bring together people and give them a singular goal. That goal is to sing beautiful music for Jesus Christ.

    If you have a friend who is straying from the Lord’s path, Tomlin’s concerts a great place to remind them of the power Jesus Christ and the positives of Christ’s message when celebrated as a community. Even if you are not religious, his concerts can still prove to be an amazing experience. There is no other place in the world you will see such a passionate and humbled environment.

    A Sacred Place

    Tomlin’s mission is simple. Worship can be done alone, but doing it in a community can make the experience very different. He has worked hard to let people achieved this.

    It’s not a surprise he is the most successful Christian artist in the world. With his exposure internationally and his reputation as the perfect worship leader, his audience will continue to grow larger. Don’t miss out at this rare chance to praise the Lord with all your heart.


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