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The Piano Guys 2020

The Piano Guys are a multimedia collective made up of pianist Jon Schmidt, cellist Steven Sharp Nelson, producer Paul Anderson, and studio engineer/writer Al van der Beek. The group is known for its musical and video productions that are mashups of classical themes and pop songs. YouTube has been their primary media outlet, where their channel is one of the most visited in the world. Anderson and Schmidt started making videos together as a social media strategy for Anderson’s piano store, and Nelson and van der Beek were brought on once the videos began gaining a massive following. Their productions are cheerful, thoughtful, and visually appealing.Read More ...

  1. Standout Performances

    The Piano Guys are most known for their massively viewed YouTube videos and joyous album productions, but they have equally succeeded at becoming a musical touring presence. Since deciding to perform live in concert, they regularly sell-out shows for fans and new listeners alike. In 2015, they were on tour for three-week stints, but in 2016 limited tours to ten day runs in order to be more available for their families. Thusly, seeing the Piano Guys live and in person has increased in demand. They are known to be positive individuals who promote an encouraging message through their music. They received a lot of criticism when they opted to perform at the inauguration of Donald Trump in 2017, but stated, “We don’t feel right limiting our positive message only to people that believe or act the same way we do.” Aside from their success playing shows internationally, the group has made a point to include global culture in their craft. They’ve made videos at the Great Wall of China and the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil.

    How to Find Tickets

    For guys who simply sought to promote a local piano store, it’s incredible how the Piano Guys have wedged their way into the hearts of concertgoers. They regularly tour all over the world with an intentional effort, and its uncommon for any tickets to go unsold. Whether they are playing at a local pop venue or a classical music theater, their performances are highly sought after.

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    What’s Different About the Piano Guys?

    The Piano Guys have become a favorite for music fans to see live in concert. With such humble beginnings, the members of the group have enjoyed a natural rise to the spotlight. All members of the production were already middle-aged family men with other careers before striking YouTube gold. Jon Schmidt was a solo musician with eight albums and seven piano books to his name. Steven Sharp Nelson owned a real estate agency. As mentioned before, Paul Anderson owned the piano store. Al van der Beek operated a recording studio out of his home. After signing with Sony in 2012, all four were able to quit their day jobs and operate as the Piano Guys full-time.

    The band members are all international fanatics. They love to make their videos in open-air, natural, and diverse settings. Aside from their performances in China and Brazil, they have recorded in the desert, at the edge of a one thousand foot cliff, atop a moving train, at a beach, and each of the Seven Wonders of the World. Their goal is “to put pianos in places where nobody would expect to see them.”

    The Piano Guys Experience

    Experience the YouTube sensations for yourself by seeing them live in concert. Fans have witnessed and received their positivity and joy simply by watching their videos, but their live shows are even more of a profound encounter. Enjoy the fusion of songs birthed by the piano and cello by buying your tickets at SeatRetriever today.


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