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This rock band was formed in London, England in 1970. The band’s original members were Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek, and Gerry Beckley. Their name may seem ironic, but the members actually grew up in an American setting. The band is influenced by a lot of the American soft rock or the folk rock scene in the 1960s. In fact, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young is one of their biggest influences.

The trio met while attending a school on a United States Air Force base. Their fathers were working there. They all loved playing music and were playing in different bands when they first met. They went their separate ways to pursue college but when that did not work they decided to create a band with one another. They developed an acoustic sound because of the music they loved. They played a lot in London and spread their name out in the London music scene.Read More ...

  1. Performing Experience

    America has never stopped performing despite being a band for over 50 years. They are considered one of the bands that prefer touring to releasing music. They have performed with a wide variety of musical acts. They have performed with the Beach Boys and have had many touring musicians join them. Reel Big Fish’s drummer and Cobra Starship’s keyboardist has performed and toured with the band.

    Ways to See America Live

    Their extensive touring schedule means that there are a lot of dates for any fans of America. You can always use SeatRetriever to keep track of their tour plans. You do not want to miss a musical performance by them. With their huge experience, their tours are fantastic and entertaining for any music fan.

    America releases a lot of cheaper tickets when their concert dates approach. If you are interested in finding cheap tickets, SeatRetriever can help you keep track of these updates. Make sure to check regularly because it will be unfortunate for you if you missed out on these opportunities.

    The History of Rocking

    America has been performing for so long and they have remained consistent throughout all that time. Their acoustic rock sound has been perfected and they continue to make songs that are catchy and nostalgic. Their lyrics contain a lot of imagery that is sad and wistful. They are famous for their vocals because they mix their singing voices together to create beautiful harmonies. Their music has always been extremely popular on radio stations, especially the stations who like to play soft rock and folk rock.

    Their live performances are spectacular. While the members are definitely old, they still seem to have the old school energy that people always say Woodstock had. They have kept up to the times and their shows are well produced. The mix is a great experience for anyone who misses the old days of music. Their performances are unique because almost no bands continue to play the music they play. They are still one of the best folk rock bands from that era, which means they are probably the best folk band today.

    Never Too Old

    This band seems to have no desire to stop performing. They love their fans and you can tell whenever they perform that they are full of life and musical experience.

    They have made fans and new fans for over multiple decades. Their fans continue to stay loyal as their recent releases are loved and spread around the world.


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