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The beloved LeAnn Rimes was born in Jackson, Mississippi in the year 1982. Her birth name was Margaret Cibrian but she took her middle name as her stage name. A singer who writes a lot of her songs, she has sung a bunch of legendary hits in both the country and pop genres. Many people consider her as one of the most talented singers that has ever graced the planet.

Ever since she was young, Rimes was active within the music scene. She performed at talent shows and enrolled in vocal and dance classes before she was six. She began her musical theatre career before the age of nine. Read More ...

  1. She recorded a new version of “Blue” and the single took off. She found herself ascending to stardom. People thought she would be the next Patsy Cline. Her album sold 123,000 copies which was a record-breaking number. She won many different industry awards and became the youngest person to win a Grammy. As she continued to release music, Rimes started to get into country pop and added more pop styles into her music. In 2000, she stopped becoming a national sensation and became an international sensation. Her single ‘I Need You’ was a worldwide hit and the song is ranked as one of the most successful songs by the Billboard Magazine.

    Magnificent Performances

    Since Rimes was a celebrity very early on, her continued success has made her concerts very popular to go to. She is popular to see all over the world and by many different generations. In 2004, she performed at a free concert for airmen in Germany. Her performances have also been a special on Disney Channel. The special is called the LeAnn Rimes in Concert.

    Getting Tickets

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    Singing Prodigy

    When Rimes first took the music stage, she blew everyone’s mind because of how talented she was as a country singer at such a young age. Little did people know, she would show that her talent is not just limited to country music. Many child stars fade away but Rimes proved her success was no fluke as she has stayed relevant to this very day. Her soprano vocals are professional and emotional. There is a rich sound in her voice that no one can really copy. She also has a huge range that is over three octaves.

    Singing prodigies should not just be heard on record. You have to be able to see them because their authentic voice will overwhelm all your senses. Rimes is no exception and you will feel her voice seep into your body with extreme beauty. Her songwriting ability is on full display because her songs are finally given to you without any of the production.

    A Voice of An Angel

    Rimes has continued to grow her success in the music world with each new release. It is an amazing feat especially considering she was already on the top of the world at a very early age. Looking to get tickets can be no easy task so make sure you get your seats today.


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