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Electronic and Dance Events 2021

EDM, or electronic dance music, has come to be defined as dance music, club music, or simply dance by much of the music mainstream. Yet, the genre as a whole can be broken up into a massive and diverse range of sub-genres, far beyond the mainstream definition. EDM first reared its head in the 1960s and 1970s with groups like Silver Apples and Kraftwerk seeking to offer technologically advanced dance music. By using an intricate combination of synthesizers, electronic signals could be manipulated to create body-moving rhythms and sounds.

In the 1980s, after the death of disco, electro-pop, funk, and boogie emerged, advancing EDM into the spotlight of popular music culture. Even rock and R&B artists, also prevalent at the time, found themselves replacing bass lines and drum beats with synthesized alternatives. Artists like Herbie Hancock and Africa Bambaataa forever cemented electronic dance music as its own genre by releasing albums wholly comprised of the new wave sound. Since then, EDM has become as diverse and rich as any other music genre, offering many incarnations of electronically based melodies pleasing to all tastes.

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  1. EDM’s Rhythm and Beat

    EDM is a global phenomenon, but its popularity was primarily founded in Europe. Despite its association with the hardcore rave culture, it is well enjoyed by all types of music fans. Sub-genres are being generated all the time, whether new ways to use electronic sounds are birthed or synthesized sounds are finding their way into other musical genres. Electro, house, techno, acid house, rave, trance, and dubstep have all risen to the surface of popular music culture as niche varieties of EDM.

    In general, all electronic dance music seamlessly connects prerecorded tracks to create a unique melodic mix. Songs seek to create sounds and melodies that normal instruments simply can’t produce on their own. Some sub-genres produce atmospheric pieces that resemble classical works, while others use aggressive beats and crunchy distortions that resemble grunge or metal.

    Electronic Dance Music Events for the Masses

    There are festivals and events for every music genre and every music fan, but it wouldn’t be overly dramatic to say that electronic dance music was made for festivals and events. The wide range of technological mixes is largely designed for what becomes massive parties and dance experiences. You can surely enjoy DJs and their EDM at smaller clubs and venues, but many of the more popular artists like Skrillex, Deadmau5, and Benny Benassi perform most often at festivals. Some of the most prominent EDM festivals include Electric Forest, Shaky Beats, Electric Zoo, and Lights All Night. They typically have fewer stages than other festivals, but attendees don’t really care – they’re content to dance their hearts away nonetheless. It also doesn’t hurt that EDM festivals feature some of the wildest and extravagant stage designs you’ll ever see. Artists mixing computerized sequences might sound like a lame visual display, but the sheer design and high volume alone are enough to make these events more than entertaining. On top of that, the artists themselves often carry a unique image that helps to make their stage presence even more awesome.

    Getting Tickets to an EDM Event

    Electronic Dance Music events are some of the most highly attended events in the world, especially in Europe. Even so, EDM has made its way successfully onto the shores of other continents as well. Artists successful enough to have their own shows regularly sell out, while festivals offer some of the largest weekend lineups you could find. Many EDM fans plan their year around their favorite festivals. To get tickets to an EDM event, you need to be on the ball early. The best way to get your early bird tickets to electronic dance music events, visit SeatRetriever. SeatRetriever makes it easy to get great deals on tickets to your favorite events. Take part in the heart pumping atmosphere of an EDM event, and discover how EDM was meant to be experienced.

    The Heart-Pounding Experience of EDM

    Whereas most music events gather hardcore fans of a specific musician, band, or genre, EDM events offer all that and more. They present a music genre that is just as much a physical experience as it is an artistic one. The sights are bright, the sounds are loud, and the community is deep. It’s hard not to classify electric dance music events as its own unique phenomenon. Stay up to date on upcoming EDM events by checking out SeatRetriever regularly.


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