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American Warrior Festival 2021

The American Warrior Festival is a small venue event created to celebrate and honor American veterans. Strength in Numbers Entertainment hosts the event, as one of a number of “edgy, aggressive” musical concerts and events. Their goal with American Warrior is to create a unique energetic and intense experience that also has a strong sense of discipline and crowd control. The main festival is held in Western New York over the course of two summer days, with all proceeds donated to veterans organizations. It is also sponsored by a variety of local companies and organizations. Founder Dan Clor, a Marine veteran and musician himself, founded the event to funnel his passions towards benefiting others.

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  1. Fun for Veterans

    American Warrior began in 2017 at the Ridge campgrounds in Le Roy, New York but has since been hosted in a variety of locations. Shows are held in Rochester, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Austin, Washington DC, and Nashville on top of the show in New York City. The festival is technically two different events, each occurring on sequential days. The first event is a bowling party. The live music begins, featuring smaller artists like Vinyl Orange, Pete Griffith, and PA Line, and it sets the background for a variety of activities. Of course, there is plenty of bowling, but there also is a military vehicle and aircraft display, a cornhole tournament, drinks, food, and prizes. The second event is the “Sponsor a Veterans Dinner Program.” Anyone can buy dinners for veterans attending the festival. It’s a positive music festival that succeeds in honoring those who sacrifice much for the United States. Even though it’s all about the veterans, “citizens” are made to feel more than welcome.

    Buying Tickets to American Warrior

    While the American Warrior Festival is a smaller event with limited attendance, those who buy tickets know they are contributing to a greater cause. There are a variety of ticket options for the festival. One day tickets range in price depending on the location, and they must be purchased per individual day. There is also an option to support a vet at a simple additional fee. All in all, though, this is perhaps one of the most affordable musical events you can attend. SeatRetriever helps you buy tickets to events of all popularities and sizes. Visit SeatRetriever early to get your tickets to the events representing what’s most important to you.

    A Family-Friendly Event with a Purpose

    Be sure to research the American Warrior Festival nearest to you. While they all serve the same purpose and function similarly, each location will offer unique lodging and travel situations. Since it’s a smaller event, you won’t be finding special deals on hotels or shuttle transportation. Generally speaking, parking is freely available. There are a variety of local food and drink vendors available along with annual surprise activities. This is a family-friendly event, but note that you must be sixteen years old or older to attend. The event also starts earlier than other festivals, with a start time around one in the afternoon. American Warrior is a great event to plan into a bigger trip, especially if you’re attending a location far from where you live.

    Love Music Love Veterans

    Every music festival represents a people group, a culture, or a social movement of some sort. They exist as expressions of musicians, artists, and community leaders. The American Warrior Festival offers all that plus affordability and the guarantee of a direct beneficiary. The not-for-profit group behind the project has successfully found a way to honor great music and military veterans in a true and authentic way. SeatRetriever can help you get there, for the best price. Check it out today.


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