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Banff Mountain Film Festival 2021

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an event that represents everything mountain culture, sports, and love for the environment. More specifically, it’s an international film competition and presentation of short films all about the outdoor lifestyle. Since its inception in 1976, it’s been hosted by the Banff Centre and is held every fall in, hold your breath, Banff, Alberta, Canada. A world tour is launched immediately after the festival, where the best films are shown at smaller events all over the globe. The World Tour partners with cities’ host organizations to merge the locale’s adventure culture with the winning cinema. It’s also worth noting there is a Banff Mountain Book Festival that coincides with Banff Mountain Film – reflecting the same love for the outdoors through readings, seminars, and a book competition.

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  1. The Best Adventure Films to be Seen

    Every year, around three hundred films are entered into the film festival competition. Don’t be overwhelmed though, only sixty are actually shown to ticket holders. Before the event, a pre-screening committee does the dirty work and chooses the highest quality choices out of the hundreds of submissions. During the Banff Mountain Film Festival, an international “jury” then chooses the best films that will go on tour and rewards films based on a variety of categories.

    Only about twenty-five films end up on the World Tour. The jury makes sure the films represent the breadth of outdoors culture. Themes and styles include climbing, skiing, kayaking, biking, adventure, culture, and the environment. Each local event will show winning films that are most relevant to their unique audience. By attending a Banff World Tour event nearest you, you’ll be sure to see films that are right up your alley. Yet, the only way to see all the films are by visiting Banff for the main festival itself.

    Buying Tickets to a Banff Film Event

    The Banff Mountain Film Festival is a casual and relaxing affair… once you get there. Banff is a Canadian National Park, so pretty much every visitor has to arrange some sort of distance travel plans. Consider the cost of travel when saving up for the not-so-cheap event passes. Tickets to Banff Mountain Film are hefty in price, but the value is immense considering the incredible surrounding beauty, the fun and memorable experience, and the fact it takes place over NINE DAYS. Prices vary for the individual events on the World Tour. The best way to make sure you’re getting the best deals on tickets for you and your friends is to purchase through SeatRetriever. SeatRetriever gets you to your favorite events all over the world, whether it’s a film festival or a live concert. The Banff cinema experience is one to behold; be sure to get your tickets soon!

    A Beautiful Time in Banff

    Banff offers a lengthy destination vacation for sure. With the event taking place over nine days, and with no single-day passes offered, it’s best to make the most out of your trip to Alberta, Canada. Banff itself is quite isolated so you’ll need to book local lodging, but there is a spanning variety of food and beverage provisions. Be sure to bring warm clothing and any outdoor sports equipment you’d like to use. When so many outdoorsy adventurers gather, you can be sure spontaneous activities are to be had.

    The event hosts a dense program, but, luckily, no two events overlap one another. It’s worth planning put ahead which films, speakers, and other events you want to attend. There is plenty of hiking and sight-seeing to be enjoyed during breaks. Banff Mountain Film Festival is also a family-friendly occasion. There are multiple youth programs and kids programs that involve the arts all throughout the week-and-a-half.

    Be Inspired by the Best Adventure Films

    Be inspired and motivated by the films crafted by adventurers from all over the world. Attend the Banff Mountain Film Festival or one of the World Tour events coming near you. SeatRetriever partners with you to get you to premier international events by offering great deals on last-minute event tickets. Gather your loved ones, your passports, and your outdoor gear and get your tickets today.


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