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Lollapalooza 2022

Lollapalooza is a four-day musical event that, along with Coachella, has become one of the world’s greatest music and arts festivals. Every year it is held in Chicago at Grant Park hosting over 150,000 people. It’s a platform for every musical genre (with special attention to alternative rock, heavy metal, punk, hip hop, and electronic music) as well as non-profit groups, political organizers, and visual artists.

Lollapalooza, also referred to as Lolla, was created by Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell originally as a farewell tour for the band. The 1991 inaugural year featured a traveling event, and there are still global Lollapaloozas held additional to the one in Chicago. The very first touring occurrence forever created a raw-like identity featuring Siouxsie and the Banshees, Nine Inch Nails, and Body Count, which is rapper Ice-T’s heavy metal band. Read More ...

  1. Standout Perfomances

    Lolla has a distinct atmosphere that sets it apart from any other music festival in the world. Creator Perry Farrell held nothing back when establishing its culture. While it’s grown in inclusiveness and safety over the years, that culture permeates the four-day weekend of sound and sights. Each genre representation at the festival has a way of causing its respective subculture to arise. For example, it’s not unusual to witness mosh pits and crowd surfing during punk rock performances. Then, there’s also the occasional television smashing pit or tattooing/piercing parlors.

    Lollapalooza, despite its quirks, has featured a wide range of notable musical artists. Standouts include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thirty Seconds to Mars, The National, and LCD Soundsystem. Lineups have also included many national acts. Each year, Lolla finds itself making appearances in other nations, drawing out many popular and diverse bands. The festival has been held in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Sweden, and France.

    Get Your Tickets to Lolla

    Tickets to Lollapalooza are highly sought after by mainstream music fans and fringe music fans alike. The festival has a way of bringing the best of popular and underground music to the a-typical festival goer. This is in part due to their unique image and culture, and it’s also due to their ability to hold the festival in unlikely places.

    Lollapalooza sells four-day tickets at four different perk levels, but one-day tickets are also available. On top of their standard ticket options, cabanas are available for reservation for an additional purchase. You can find your tickets to Lolla by visiting SeatRetriever. SeatRetriever can help you get tickets to your favorite events and live performances. Get last minute tickets for the best prices.

    More Details

    Grant Park in Chicago is a 115-acre plot of land between the city proper and Lake Michigan. It’s easy to get to and is accessible via public transportation, taxis, bicycle, and car. Those who ride in on a bike will be given a free bike-themed bag containing repairs and supplies. Car parking is provided nearby, with 24-hour security. Parking spots are costly, but they can be reserved ahead of time for the best rates. Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport are both accessible and close to the festival grounds.

    It’s important to note that the Lolla wristband is an important feature for the event. It acts as your “in an out” privilege marker, and it’ll be shipped to you a few weeks before the big weekend. It also has the capability of syncing with a credit card so that you can attend Lollapalooza without cash or card. When you purchase something from a vendor, you simply scan your wristband and enter in a customized pin code.

    Experiencing Lollapalooza

    “Something started in ’91, and we just can’t stop.” Lollapalooza is something of a music and art phenomenon. Perry Ferrell could have never dreamed of what the festival has become and what it represents. If you are looking for a premier music event experience that also features the opportunity to rock out and get weird, look no further. Find your tickets at SeatRetriever today, before they are all gone!


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