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Outlaw Music Festival 2021

The Outlaw Music Festival is the brain-child of musician Willie Nelson, Blackbird Presents, and Mark Rothbaum. The event is a touring festival that travels from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas, making it one of the most unique and accessible musical experiences ever. It features artists by the likes of the Avett Brothers, Counting Crows, Old Crow Medicine Show, Dawes, and, of course, Willie Nelson & Family. It is, in fact, North America’s largest touring music festival, and it runs from mid-June to early-July.Read More ...

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  1. Notable Features

    Even in his advanced age, Willie Nelson continues to find ways to imprint his legacy on the world. With the Outlaw Music Festival, he is quite literally leaving a larger mark. The caravan troupe puts on the festival all over the country and will continue to do so long after the Nelson era. This festival is a great opportunity to encounter the vast cultural differences in the U.S. while uniting with music fans around common loves – good sounds, food, and fun.

    Each year, Nelson is able to gather up well-loved performers reminiscent of his own golden age compatriots, like Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, as well as new artists breaking into the music scene. While the lineups remain similar over the course of the radical concept tour, food and drink vendors and activities adapted to each location. Either get tickets to the festival nearest to you or hit the road and follow along for the fullest experience.

    Where to Find Tickets to the Outlaw Music Festival

    There is no greater opportunity for a unique music festival experience like Outlaw. Outlaw tours all over the country providing numerous opportunities for music fans to get their music festival fix. The event takes place one day at a time, and tickets are able to be purchased per occurrence. Make sure to check SeatRetriever to discover an Outlaw Music Festival coming to a town near you. SeatRetriever makes it easy to explore your ticket options to concerts and events. Check early, though, so you don’t miss out!

    Some Details

    Details for the Outlaw Music Festival are ever changing due to the traveling nature of the event. Make sure to make plans for lodging and travel depending on which festival you get tickets for. Each lineup of performances takes place during one long evening in an amphitheater or arena. This means you simply need travel to and from your hotel, or Air B & B, to the venue. Each venue will have a wide range of local vendors and artists to discover. While less predictable, it’s recommended to research the local culture of the city you travel to. The food and activities will reflect the locale. Also, make sure to research the closest airport if you are flying in. One difference that marks a caravan festival is that there will be no shuttle or parking services. Parking accommodations will be determined per city as if it were any other event. With great flexibility and excitement, you will have the best time possible at Outlaw.

    Experience Outlaw

    The Outlaw Music Festival is a unique creation. Formed by Willie Nelson and friends, it gathers old music souls with new relative performers and a radical traveling concept. It’s no Coachella or Lollapalooza, but, then again, it shouldn’t be. Outlaw is the perfect representation of an ever-changing and ever-lasting Americana Bluegrass music genre. Get your tickets at SeatRetriever today.


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