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Vans Warped Tour 2022

As far traveling tours go, The Vans Warped Tour is perhaps one of the most famous in America. The tour was founded by Kevin Lyman who continues to work with the tour today. It happens in the summer and first started in 1995. You can see many exciting bands play on the tour and it is also a great place to discover new bands. At the height of popularity, The Vans Warped Tour visited over 20 cities in America with a few stops in Canada within the summer period.Read More ...

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  1. Notable Guests

    The Vans Warped Tour has been credited for making many different bands famous. That list includes bands such as Paramore, Sum 41, My Chemical Romance and Avenged Sevenfold. They have many frequent guests. The screamo band Silverstein has played on the tour nine times. 3OH!3 and Bowling for Soup have played on the tour eight times. The tour has invited many different genres of music onto their stage too. The Celtic folk band Flogging Molly has played at the tour seven times and are a favorite.

    Lining Up for Tickets

    This tour has many performances so you will definitely be able to find a ticket to go to. Most people spend at least a whole day so make sure you plan ahead. There are many bands to see and many to discover. SeatRetriever can help you make that trip a success. Buy tickets for you and your friends.

    Discounts can happen throughout the year. If you want to catch bargains you may have to wait a little bit. They get released at different times. SeatRetriever always sells the cheapest available option so you do not have to check another website to find ticket sales. More importantly, visit SeatRetriever constantly so you do not miss out on any deals because other people are also searching for cheaper tickets too.

    The Travelling Tour

    With over decades of experience, this traveling tour understands how to make their festival days a success. Everything is set up so that it is easy for you to find your way around and understand how to see the bands you want to see. Many fans come to discover new music and buy unique merchandise. Most of the bands that play there have a merchandise stand. There are also specific times you can meet and get signings from the band members. There are also many great food trucks around and water will be provided if you need it. The festival takes care of you.

    Most of the music is separated by genres. There are main stages that the most popular bands will play at and smaller stages where more upcoming bands will play. Since most of the bands play either metalcore or pop punk, you will see that there are stages dedicated for each genre. You can find tons of friends at the festival because they will all like the same type of music you like.

    Amazing Event

    Try to buy your tickets ahead of time. It makes it easier to plan especially since you will be spending a whole day there. Bring your own seat in case you are tired of walking.


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