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Def Leppard 2022

Def Leppard is a famous English rock band that emerged in the late 1970’s. They have been a significant contributor to the historical rise of the heavy metal music genre, and have popular singles that are regularly streamed today. The band has an unmistakable style, especially when songs hit their refrains. They are currently composed of the following musicians:

  • Lead vocalist Joe Elliot
  • Backup vocalist and bassist Rick Savage
  • Backing vocalist and drummer Rick Allen
  • Backing vocalist and lead guitarist Phil Collen
  • Backing vocalist and lead guitarist Vivian Campbell
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  1. What is Special about Def Leppard?

    The permeability of Def Leppard’s musical style has allowed them to retain success, and to grow. They have the stage presence and style of a classic heavy metal band but play with an ultra-spirited sound.

    This band’s sound is metal, for sure, but not so heavy that they lose the flexibility of spirited expression and colorful chords. They scream, yell, laugh, and shred, just as heavy metal artists do, but their optimistically-sounding chord progressions and spirited swings give their sound a unique and timeless edge. A live performance by Def Leppard today can be expected to swing on a spectrum from heavy metal, to softer heavy metal infused with 80’s spirit, to modern day gestures towards grunge. This band delivers and has a great time onstage. Experience a rockin’ time of spirit and sound, and see Def Lepppard live today!

    Notable Performances by Def Leppard

    With over 784 concert listings on ConcertArchives.org, Def Leppard shows remain in high demand. Def Leppard most recently performed at Arena Birmingham with Cheap Trick in December of 2018. The band blasted the audience with songs from Hysteria and other popular throwbacks, and fans report that it was an inevitable party with overwhelming amounts of nostalgia from past rock phases.

    The band’s name towered high over them in it’s an infamously-familiar font. The digital backdrop interacted with many lights angled in different directions, and the arena was filled with fans ready to rock out. See Def Leppard live today to discover or re-experience your rock phase. The band is sure to give a performance that includes metal sound, metal performance, spirited refrains, style, and an energetic fanbase.

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