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Dream Theatre 2022

One of the most memorable bands from the metal genre, Dream Theatre took the metal world by storm. The band was originally called Majesty and was formed by John Petrucci, John Myung and Mike Portnoy. They created this band in 1985 when they met each other in Boston at the Berklee College of Music. They have since become one of the bestselling metal bands in the world. Their metal music uses complex melodies and is the band is considered one of the forefront music acts of the progressive metal genre.Read More ...

  1. Famous Live Events

    Dream Theatre can be seen touring with a lot of other famous metal bands. In particular, they like to tour with famous progressive metal bands like Opeth and Between the Buried and Me. They went on tour with a bunch of different progressive metal bands on the Progressive Nation 2008. In 2010, they opened for Iron Maiden at the Madison Square Garden.

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    What’s Spectacular

    Dream Theatre is filled with very skilled songwriters. All their music is grand, and listening to their music is like watching the very large sea. Their sound can only be described as massive. They use a combination of very technically difficult instrumentation and a good grasp of melodic tunes that slowly become more empowering as the song moves on. They strive to create beautiful music that really does sing to you.

    Dream Theatre is famous for adapting some of the heaviest songs in music history into amazing covers. Their sound spreads easily live and you can hear the immense craftsmanship in their music. At their concerts, they are free to improvise and you will be amazed by how talented they are. They will play some of the most intense and fastest guitar riffs and that is always super cool to see.

    They released a video of their 20th Anniversary World Tour in 2006. It captures a good copy of the energy the band likes to play with.

    Metal Legends

    Dream Theatre will always be a favorite among metal fans. They balance great music that rivets with intensity but also accessible for all music fans to enjoy.

    The band creates new metal fans every day. They have a lot of the aspects that make metal unique but also make it friendly. These friendly aspects create beginner gates. A lot of metal fans enter into metal through these gates.


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