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There are very few bands who have been able to elongate their success found in the 1970s. Foreigner is a British rock band who enjoys both major early success and present-day popularity. Since the beginning, the band has been led by guitarist Mick Jones. Jones developed relationships with a variety of musicians through appearances on a range of other recordings. He played for George Harrison and Peter Frampton, and in the mid-‘70s, he was a brief member of the Leslie West Band.Read More ...

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  1. Foreigner Live

    Soon after the release of their debut album, Foreigner was already headlining theaters and amassing large audiences. The regularly sold out arenas and stadiums. In 1978, they played for over two hundred thousand people at California Jam II. Then they toured Europe, Japan, and Australia. The band has had a history of vibrant concerts. In 1988, they headlined the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden, joining popular artists Phil Collins, Roberta Flack, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash. In ’99 Foreigner toured as the opening act for Journey. In 2007 they toured with Def Leppard and Styx for the thirtieth anniversary of their debut album. Although the lineup has changed quite a bit since their beginning, Foreigner, still helmed by Mick Jones, performs regularly often in partnership with other ‘80s bands.

    Where to Find Foreigner Tickets

    There is no such thing as a small Foreigner show. The band has made a strong impression with their live performances from the very beginning, and they maintain that reputation even now. Foreigner regularly plays shows at impressive venues and occasionally holds reunion tours. Tickets to see the band perform are likely to be pricey as they often still sell out. Visit Seat Retriever now, and see the Foreigner shows that are on the horizon. Check often to find the best deals available.

    More on Foreigner

    There are very few bands who have achieved Foreigner’s success with their guitar player being their leader. Mick Jones is a British guitar player and has been the controlling force behind the band since the beginning. The band effectively functioned as a bridge from ‘70s progressive rock to the hair metal of the ‘80s. Their ability to redefine the rock genre at the time helped them rise to acclaim quickly.

    Jones is a versatile musical-whiz. Much of Foreigner’s early success can be attributed to Mick Jones’ ranging experience playing for other rock artists. He has also had a hand in music production for a few of Foreigner’s albums, Van Halen’s 5150, Bad Company’s Fame and Fortune, and Billy Joel’s Storm Front. In 1990, Mick Jones and vocalist Lou Gramm went their separate ways to continue their solo efforts. For a short time, Johnny Edwards acted as frontman for Foreigner. The band saw their fame dwindle until Gramm rejoined the band in 1992. They soon rediscovered their success as a power rock duo.

    The Foreigner Experience

    Join the many sold-out crowds and discover what has kept Foreigner popular for so long. The band continues to provide rocking performances for audiences all over the world. While they tour with other ‘80s bands often and host the occasional reunion tour, Foreigner is surely in their golden years. Who knows how long they will continue playing live shows.

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