GWAR 2022

In 1984, Ben Eubanks, Dave Brockie, Steve Douglas, Chris Bopst, Jim Thomson and Hunter Jackson formed GWAR. This heavy metal band is from Richmond, Virginia. The band has gone through many different lineup changes and none of the original members are part of the band anymore. However, the band has a huge cult fan base because they are special and unique. GWAR is best remembered for their ridiculous and grotesque costumes. They are extremely theatrical on stage and their music revolves around elaborate science fiction and mythology themes.Read More ...

  1. The 1990s were the height of GWAR’s popularity. A lot of their fame was fueled by the controversy of the live concerts. The band was described as shock rock. While many people praised the band, others thought the group was just exploiting and had no talent. However, despite their criticisms, they received frequent airplay on MTV and performed on many talk shows. The band also has huge videography with many different music videos and live recordings. They released a long feature film in 1992 called Phallus in Wonderland which won a Grammy. The band has also expanded into comic books, trading cards, a board game, signature beers, and barbecue sauces. In 2014, Brockie passed away and the band no longer had any of the original members. However, because of the fanbase and the love for the work, the band has continued to perform with the same intensity.

    Concerts To Have a Blast With

    Any fan of GWAR is not a true fan if they have not been to one of their live performances. Due to the controversial nature of their shows, GWAR is always invited to perform at places that need a rowdy guest. Their controversy leads to a ban of the band in North Carolina and they could not perform in the state from 1990 to 1991. In 2009, the group toured with metal bands like Lamb of God and Job for a Cowboy. The group also hosts an annual event in Richmond, Virginia since 2009. It is called Gwar-B-Q and features barbecue, rock-and-roll vendors, best described as a haunted house and live music.

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    Vikings, Monsters and Power

    To love GWAR is to love who they are and the story they tell. Each band member performs a character that is a barbaric interplanetary warrior. Their music tells epics that use science fiction and viking mythology.

    Their concerts are infamous. They incorporate a lot of social and political satire. They mutilate famous people and politicians including many American presidents, Adolf Hitler, and O.J. Simpson. They use a lot of props and costumes; sometimes performing graphic violence that uses fake blood, urine, and semen.


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