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Having a hand in creating the Swedish death metal scene, In Flames hails from Gothenburg, Sweden. In its beginning days, In Flames was largely considered Jesper Strömblad’s side project which he started in 1990. The band has gone through many lineup changes experienced a major shift in sound. In the beginning, In Flames mostly played melodic metal and has since shifted into alternative metal.

Jesper Strömblad was the bass player of an influential Swedish metal band called Ceremonial Oath but wanted to create more melodic metal music. Read More ...

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  1. Well Known Performances

    The metal scene in Gothenburg is still a niche circle, but the members of In Flame can be seen playing in the city at venues such as Rockbaren and Sticky Fingers. They released a live album in 2005 which contains shows they played in Sticky Fingers. The band was invited to play on the mainstage of the huge metal festival Ozzfest in 2005. Their first trip to Australia in 2003 was mostly played to sold-out shows In Flames has continued to tour frequently and their shows remain some of the biggest crowd drawers in the metal scene.

    Finding Tickets

    In Flames tours all around the world and takes part in many international tours. This makes it hard to tell when In Flames will play somewhere that is realistic and close to where you live. SeatRetriever will stay up to date with any tour announcements and help notify you when the band will tour in your country.

    Be sure to check SeatRetriever early and often as In Flames’s shows sell out all the time. You are likely competing with other fans that have also been waiting for a long time for this opportunity to see them. SeatRetriever will find ticket deals as concert dates approach and you do not want to miss out on any inexpensive tickets. Any music fan will be lucky to see In Flames play as their live performances are nothing less than epic.

    What’s Amazing

    While many of the older fans of In Flames may fondly remember the unique melodic metal that the band was known for, In Flames’ new pop metal sound has increased their fan base by tenfold. Their new releases are not as aggressive but still have the same energy as their older stuff. Their dark and pessimistic sound has continued to flourish and define who they are.

    In Flames’ atmosphere at their live performance events continue to be explosive. They know how to get the crowd wild and excited. They are very passionate about their music and are grateful for being able to perform which they share to the crowd. Anyone who is able to see them play personally will be sucked into a beautiful soundscape.

    Sweden’s Metal Gems

    One of Sweden’s sources of pride, the band has shed light on Sweden’s metal scene and helped the scene reach international recognition. Today, Sweden is frequently considered as a country with a strong metal scene and In Flames can take some credit. In Flames continues to surprise people with their releases and their fan base increases as their music becomes more accessible.

    The band has received enough fame to continually be invited to the largest metal concerts and festivals in the world. Musically, their legacy has reached an untarnishable spot. Many metal bands today continue to cite the band as a strong influence.


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