KISS 2022

KISS began making music in the 1970’s, and was originally perceived as a heavy rock, metal band with a very cartoonish edge. Today, KISS is one of the most known bands that have succeeded in making incredible rock music accompanied by a high degree of showmanship.

KISS succeeded by capturing the attention of 1970’s teens in their dedicated showmanship and stage costuming, which was not limited to expected, ritualistic stage performance. From spitting fake blood during heightened moments in songs, to wearing full-on face paint and metal spikes.Read More ...

  1. What is Special about KISS?

    KISS thrives because they know how to put on a show. If you see KISS live, you can expect them to employ fog machines, strobe lights, and dress in full costuming and face paint, at the minimum. In their craziest performances, they have spat out fake blood, and included continuous hair-swinging, guitar shredding, sticking out of tongues, and doing whatever they can to get the crowd amped-up, wild, and rowdy.

    They attracted the teens of the ’70s, and catered to those who wanted something new and unusual. People knew what rock and roll icons were, already. KISS took iconic rock and roll a layer deeper, and added numerous strategic and theatrical elements to their show to create the rock and roll carnivalesque atmosphere they are most known for.

    Sometimes a focus on performance can compromise the musicality and sound quality of a band. In KISS’s situation, this has not been the case. KISS’s albums have been continuously published, their style has been maintained, and they are still dedicated, actors and showmen. When you see KISS live, you can expect improv, music, visual entertainment, style, and rock and roll veiled in a tasteful amount of carnival.

    Notable Performances by KISS

    KISS’s 2018 performance in Spain’s Rockfest Tour recently unleashed Gene Simmons’ plan for the band to make a 3-year long world tour in 2019. He is advertising it to be the band’s best tour ever, and that they plan to make stops in all of the continents. Gene Simmons is a notoriously entrepreneurially-charged band member, and his energy and tongue-waving showmanship help keep the band’s vibes up to this day. Plan ahead and save up for KISS’s latest tour, and don’t miss out on one of the bands’ biggest moves since their 70’s startup!

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