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This heavy metal band was formed in Auburn, New York in 1980. The band’s founding members are Joey DeMaio, Eric Adams and Ross Friedman. Manowar is special because they play an extremely raw heavy metal sound and do not derive away from basic heavy metal roots. Manowar’s lyrics are based on the fantasy genre and you can hear them singing about swords and sorcery frequently. These two factors have made Manowar a cult favorite and their fanbase is dedicated and loyal.Read More ...

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  1. Manowar’s Viking and fantasy themes have allowed them to always receive consistent album sales. Their tours attracted large crowds of people who loved metal and fantasy. They attracted bigger labels and by 1983, they signed with a label in the US and the UK because their biggest fanbases were in these countries. Their fourth album, Sign of the Hammer, was a success all over the world and they were able to tour internationally because of it. Their unique themes spoke to a niche and that niche exists in every country.

    Epic Concerts

    Manowar is frequently found touring in the United States and in Europe. They tour with many different types of metal bands and can be found in metal music festivals. Manowar has toured with the some of the first black metal bands like Mercyful Fate. The band loves doing world tours because they want to meet their fans all around the world. Their world tours can last up to two years. They have done world tours in 2005, 2014 and 2016.

    Looking for Tickets

    Manowar constantly tours so there is a lot of opportunities to see them. You usually will catch them abroad or traveling in far away countries. You will have to make sure that you know their schedule well so when they do come near you, you do not forget to check. SeatRetriever should be your first option for checking because any news is immediately updated and their tickets are listed.

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    Sword and Fantasy

    Manowar’s consistency has made them a cult favorite for many metal fans. Their music seems to tell battle stories and epics. Many people compare their music to a Dungeons and Dragons game. Manowar is also popular for its authentic metal self. The band does not experiment and does not try to reinvent the metal genre. In fact, they are also known for their “Death to False Metal” slogan and their music tries to perfect all metal basics.

    In their concerts, Manowar is loud and bombastic. The band is considered one of the loudest bands in the world and in 1984 they were included in the Guinness Book of World Records for being responsible of the loudest concert ever. While the record has been broken since, the band still continues playing fast and loud guitars that will make your heart race. Their costumes are also extremely fun to see because they wear clothes that match their fantasy themes.

    Epic Adventure

    Anyone who has fallen in love with Manowar will always tell you that the band is the best band ever. They know their audience and do everything perfect for that audience. Their concert’s seats are always full because people love seeing them perform. Since the band travels around the world, they do not get to go on tours that include many cities in one country all at once. People will buy tickets even if they live in a city that is far away.


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