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Ozzy Osbourne 2022

There are a few performers who are such legends that they need very little introduction. Ozzy Osbourne is one such legend. Known as the “Godfather of Heavy Metal,” he’s just as likely to be known for his antics off stage as he is for his music. His personality and talent are truly original, which is why he continues to have a massive impact on music and culture to this day.

Ozzy was born John Michael Osbourne in Birmingham, England. He played in bands around the area until meeting musicians Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, and Bill Ward. Read More ...

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    Notable Performances

    While Ozzy Osbourne tours have crisscrossed the world, it would be impossible not to mention the importance of Ozzfest. Ozzfest is the brainchild of his wife Sharon Osbourne and ran for many years. Its early success spawned further festivals, eventually leading to a touring show with some of the top names in hard rock. Ozzfest was known for giving lots of hard rock and metal groups a leg up during the early stages of their careers, exposing them to the many legions of fans that Ozzy had accumulated over the years. The tour has grossed over $100 million in revenue since its inception. Ozzy Osbourne live shows have taken place in many of the biggest venues throughout the world, including Hersheypark Stadium in Pennsylvania and Madison Square Garden in New York.

    What’s Special?

    Ozzy Osbourne songs are some of the most classic metal and hard rock tunes of all time. “No More Tears” and “Mama I’m Coming Home,” still get a massive response from crowds. Any Ozzy Osbourne tour is likely to feature hits from all the different eras of his career, including his days in Black Sabbath and his more modern releases, which might even include the occasional Beatles or John Lennon cover.

    During his solo years, many people have been drawn to the work he did with lead guitarist Randy Rhoads. Rhoads was a virtuoso whose playing offered some of the most memorable guitar riffs of the ‘80s. Songs like “Bark at the Moon” and “Crazy Train” remain some of the most memorable Ozzy Osbourne songs, and fans are eager to hear them at any show.

    However, later collaborations with guitarist Zakk Wylde are considered to be some of his finest solo material and charted some of his biggest hits. Reunion tours with the original members of Black Sabbath followed, but Ozzy has always maintained a strong following for his solo material. Regardless of who he is playing with, it’s clear during every performance that the members of the band are always in awe of their leader, and always having a great time.

    Ozzy’s entire family is now famous thanks to the reality show that they starred in on MTV. It became clear that everyone around Ozzy was just about as eccentric as he was, which is a good thing. The show allowed people to see the man beyond simply the bat-eating, ant-snorting mad man they’d heard of. What became of it is that people were able to see the charming, witty side of this legendary performer, an opportunity rarely afforded to many music legends.

    The Black Sabbath Experience

    If you are a fan of heavy metal, then it’s very likely that Ozzy Osbourne’s music has graced your stereo or headphones at some point. To get your chance to see this legend live in concert, check SeatRetriever often for some of the best prices available.


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