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070 Shake 2022

Born as Danielle Balbuena in 1997, she is referred to by her stage name 070 Shake. Shake was born in North Bergen, New Jersey. She is part of a hip hop collective called 070 collectives which is where she derived her stage name. She is best known for her work and collaboration with other famous rappers. However, Shake has continued to release music and she is quickly making a name for herself as one of the most exciting acts of the decade. Her fresh rapping style has created many new fans and music enthusiasts to continue to fall in love with her.Read More ...

  1. Shake’s first release came in 2018. She released her debut EP called Glitter. This was the start of her breakout year. In the same year, she was featured on Pusha T’s album Daytona and Kanye West’s album Ye. Many people considered the songs she was featured on as stand out tracks and her name spread through the hip hop scene. Overall, Shake’s discography is only just growing and includes many different singles. Yet, her lyrics and style have been impactful and her name is remembered. As she continues to release music, you can expect her to start performing with larger artists and collaborating with different people. On June 24, 2019, Shake announced she will release her debut album.

    Tour Beginnings

    Despite only performing for a few years, Shake has already performed at huge festivals such as SXSW in 2018. She also performs with a lot of the other members from the 070 collective. She joins other musicians who are signed with GOOD Music. Since Shake will be releasing new music soon, you can expect her to announce a large tour to support her music. She will travel all over American and you will be able to catch her perform near you.

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    Don’t Miss This Character

    Many music critics and fans are paying attention to Shake. That is because her music is darker and gloomier. A lot of her songs are about self-esteem, drugs, and sexuality. Her music is raw and intense; which is perfect for anyone to drown their sorrows in. Shake performances embrace this attitude too. Her shows are a perfect place to leave behind all your anger and frustration no matter what is happening to you right now.

    Get Your Tickets Right Now

    As a new rapper, Shake has a lot of room to change and grow. She will continue to define her sound so get a seat and watch her start her journey to become one of the best.


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