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Cypress Hill 2022

Cypress Hill is one of the first multiplatinum Latino hip hop bands to enter the pop-culture scene. Their concert performances have a large fan base, and a uniquely characterized pop-culture following. Although the band produces hip-hop music, they have synchronously stolen the hearts of many metal and hard rock followers. Cypress Hill was formed out of South Gate, California in the 1980s, and their current members include B-Real, DJ Muggs, Sen Dog, and Eric Bobo. If you enjoy Cypress Hill’s music, be sure to check out: Delinquent Habits, House of Pain, Onyx, or The Psycho Realm.Read More ...

  1. What is Special about Cypress Hill

    Cypress Hill is downright creative when it comes to innovative music inspiration and performance. Their tone and reputation are highly based on recreational drug usage in their band life and their fan base. Cypress Hill’s identity is said to be captured in all of its essence in their most famous album: Elephants on Acid.

    Cypress Hill’s music is not only inspired by international, historical settings: it’s created by experiences that their band members have had in potential alternative dimensions. Their experimental music creation methods are brought to life on the stage, where they bring their fans as close to their trippy journeys as possible.

    Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs has exhibited extra efforts to creative different music, and his process is inspired by some of the most interesting places in the world. He is known to have floated in the Dead Sea, strolled through Joshua Tree National Park, and even spent a significant amount of time alone in the mysterious tombs of Egypt before crafting rhythms. After having an out-of-body dream, where he visualized himself a man with the head of an elephant, Elephants on Acid soon followed.

    Notable Performances by Cypress Hill

    Beatroute reviewed Cypress Hill’s performance at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver, Canada to be a potential threat to any drug test audience members intended to pass, but credited its rowdiness and high-energy audience response. The typical Cypress Hill concert scene includes billowing smoke from on-stage as well as in the audience, paired with incredible, quality hip-hop and enthusiastic performances from the artists. The multicolored lighting permeates the foggy scene, and all of the beats the band has worked to craft from experiencing the world are brought to life for their fans.

    Hear quality hip-hop and experience the creative set of a Cypress Hill concert today. This band is unique in the sense that they have curated specific, dream-inspired experiences around the world in order to produce unique hip-hop songs for the modern age. Their songs have a life of their own, and have attracted an unusually spirited and energetic following. Cypress Hill concerts are a mixture of metal, hard-rock, and hip-hop fans. Find a ticket today to secure a unique experience for yourself.

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