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G-Eazy 2022

G-Eazy is a successful American rapper from Oakland, California who has climbed the charts to fame at a steady, determined rate. He debuted in the late 2000s, and has since gone platinum with his most recent collaborative track: “No Limit” featuring A$ASP Rocky and Cardi B. The beginning of his successful hip hop career began with a hip hop crew called the Bay Boyz. Solo album releases, the Vans Warped Tour, and other collaborative efforts helped G-Eazy steadily approach fame in confidence. He appeared in Britney Spears’ comeback single: “Make Me”, and toured with talented musicians similar to his signature sounds, like Logic, YG, and Yo Gotti. When it comes to modern-day American rap, G-Eazy is best known as “the James Dean of rap”, according to Spotify® music.Read More ...

  1. What is Special about G-Eazy?

    In addition to being the 2017 winner of the USA People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Hip-Hop Artist, G-Eazy is a total statistical standout. Since his debut in 2014, he has he achieved hit singles on US Billboard’s hot 100, and the US Billboard 200. Spotify shows that when G-Eazy speaks, the world is listening: over one million people listen to G-Eazy’s music every month. The numbers show that most of his listeners are from Los Angeles.

    With his most recent album release being over one year ago, the world is awaiting what he chooses to put out next. The only issue G-Eazy seems to face at the moment is that the world is still thoroughly enjoying music from his last release. Being the calculated musician that he is, he is sure to release another album in a thoughtful manner. He is known to achieve steady and timely milestones in fame. He is tactically smart about who he performs with and collaborates with like-minded musicians to remain at the top of the charts. While 1 million fans are enjoying his music every month, this artist has the patience to let his fans steep in his latest hits before putting another album out there.

    Notable Performances by G-Eazy

    G-Eazy delivered a stunning performance at the FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine, California in August of 2018. The Daily Bruin reports that G-Eazy maintained a “cohesive” performance throughout his entire time onstage, and dramatically emerged from a car, complete with a puff of thick, white fog to kick-start and energize the scene. He sported bleach-blonde hair, a white T-shirt, overalls, and sandals with socks to perform his signature rap. His casual look paired with high-energy, interactive stage presence made for a memorable night for his loyal fanbase.

    A top note of this particular concert included his performance of “Drop”, which featured beautiful backup dancers dressed in scant costume and lingerie. The dancers were skillful in classic femme movements and provided a flare of female energy and presence to the show, which included all-male performers and openers. G-Eazy performed each song with energy and enthusiasm, and seldom took breaks, according to The Daily Bruin.

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