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Jazz & Blues Events 2021

Long before rock and pop music took the world by storm, the smooth beats, juicy guitar licks, and instrumental melodies of jazz and blues had captivated the hearts of music audiences for years. In the time leading up to the 1920s, the African American styles of music had begun to catch the attention of the white music industry. The fusion of the two worlds quickly culminated in what is considered to be the forefathers of most modern western music.

In 1912, W.C. Handy established blues as a genre here-to-stay with his composition, Memphis Blues. He popularized the practice of singing away your sorrows in order to emotionally move on. The style had already been circulating the amateur music industry for some time, but he, along with “Ma” Rainey, successfully brought blues into the spotlight of the day’s popular music culture.

Jazz came from similar ethnic roots but developed as a group band art instead of a form of solo expression. The Dixieland Jazz Band were the first group record the scattered, unusually sounding music. By the early 1920s, jazz was all the rage, and it is predominantly the genre we associate with the Roaring Twenties.

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  1. Weepy Tones and Sophisticated Snazz

    Many, many years have passed since blues and jazz strutted into the hearts of music lovers. The genres have influenced much of today’s best music without being engulfed and overshadowed by it. Simply, people still love blues and jazz, and why shouldn’t they? They have been able to continually grow and develop, maintaining a creative freshness year after year.

    Blues offers a soulful sound, with deep guitar tones, complicated riffs, and singing that makes hearts melt. More recent bands have thrown in plenty of rock ’n roll elements to keep up with today’s pop music and radio-made content. Some of the best bands you might see today at a blues event would be Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr., or Alabama Shakes.

    Jazz has taken a different route than blues, maintaining its classical sense of methodical confusion and angst. Jazz uses odd rhythms and musical counts, driven by horns and drums, to express the beautiful inconsistency of human creativity. Don’t assume for a second that jazz artists are any less talented mind you. Jazz has thusly come to influence many of today’s popular artists who use the inspiration to create profound melodies and lyrics. Modern jazz performers range in style from the softness of Norah Jones to the quirkiness of Snarky Puppy.

    Blues and Jazz Festivals and Performances

    Almost spontaneously, jazz and blues festivals have been popping up ever since their inception. There’s something about the soulful genres that gather people from all over to relax, eat and drink, and witness great musicianship together. Blues and jazz often go hand in hand at festivals, and there are many to choose from. Many towns hold their own versions of festivals, but there are plenty of larger events to attend as well. Some of the most popular blues and jazz festivals are Jazz in the Gardens, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Cincinnati Music Festival, and RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest.

    How to get Tickets to a Blues or Jazz Event

    Blues and jazz events take place all the time, all over the western world. Musicians have been blessing our eardrums with the emotion-lead tunes for decades. There is no shortage of performances and festivals, and we’re not complaining about that. Many towns hold blues and jazz events for free in their downtown squares, but it’s worth considering shelling out some cash to attend one of the more well-known major festivals near you.

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    Long Live the Roaring Twenties

    Whether your favorite musical artists sing R&B, perform hip-hop, or thrash to death metal, it’s hard not to universally appreciate blues and jazz for what they mean to the greater music canon. Today’s best artists take some form of inspiration from the soulful genres and make it their own. Don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to witness today’s best blues and jazz artists live in concert. It’s never too late to visit SeatRetriever to get your tickets.


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