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Born as Diana Jean Krall, Krall has established herself as one of the most successful jazz vocalists of all time. She was born in Nanaimo, Canada in 1964. She plays piano and sings. Her vocal range belongs to the contralto range, which is the lowest range for a female vocalist when singing classical music. She is one of the bestselling jazz musicians in the world and she has made sure her legacy as a jazz musician will stay in our history books.

Krall started learning piano at a very early age. She started to take lessons at the The Royal Conservatory of Music. When she became a teenager and could start working, she would play piano for many local restaurants in her area. She was able to attain a scholarship in Boston at the Berklee College of Music.Read More ...

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  1. Krall and Touring

    Musical legends like Paul McCartney have performed with her on tours and played in her albums. In the year 2000, she toured alongside Tony Bennett on a 20-city musical trip Her Wallflower World Tour took her all around the world in 2015 and sold out in multiple of cities. She is one of the most charming jazz musicians and has a lot of fans internationally.

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    The Soothing Performer

    As a contemporary jazz musician, her music has hit the mainstream shelves because of her beautiful unique voice that is powerful but gentle. She is a talented piano player and her piano melodies can take you to a relaxing place. Her jazz was meant for bars and restaurants and you can almost hear the clinking of champagne classes in her music.

    Her charm and charisma can only really be seen when you watch her perform. She seems to make her piano dance and her voice reaches the edges of the room. She covers a lot of fantastic jazz classics but her unique spin on them seem to breathe a different life into them. She performs with some of the most famous musicians so if you are lucky, you might see a special guest that you love too.

    Diana Krall Defines Jazz

    Bridging the gap between jazz and the mainstream radio, Krall has managed to make jazz music cool. Her voice is a defining sound and will be remembered forever.

    She has created a large fan base from all over the world. Many singers look up to her and learn from her. She creates new jazz fans with each of her releases and performances. She is someone anyone can look up to and respect.


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