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Jonny Lang is a blues guitarist and songwriter hailing from Fargo, North Dakota. He is well known for initiating a trend of teenage blues artists exploding in popularity through their debut albums. Lang himself released his solo album, Lie to Me, when he was only fifteen years old. He had gained professional experience at an even earlier age when, at twelve, he began playing for the Bad Medicine Blues Band. Several months later, he even became the band’s leader, which renamed itself Kid Jonny Lang & the Big Bang. Throughout his solo career, Lang has continued to release album after album with Wander This World earning a Grammy nomination. His 2006 gospel-inspired album, Turn Around, ended up winning him his first Grammy award. He is known for his youthful energy on stage and performing barefoot live. In his time touring, Read More ...

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  1. Prominent Performances

    While Jonny Lang has played with an incredible assortment of legendary blues artists, he has also performed a variety of notable live performances. He played in bars long before he was “of age,” and it was in bars he was discovered by A&M Records, the home of Janet Jackson and Sound Garden. In 1999, he was invited to play for the White House staff whose audience included President and Mrs. Clinton. The same year, he was invited to perform for Minnesota’s Governor Jess Ventura’s Inaugural Ball. In 2004, Eric Clapton invited him to play at the Crossroads Guitar Festival to raise money for the Crossroads Centre Antigua. Lang also regularly participates in the Experience Hendrix Tour alongside a long list of other tributing artists. He continues to play normal shows for audiences all over the country as well. He plays at resorts, theaters, performing arts centers, and concert halls.

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    What’s Different?

    In the 1990s, there was a surprising spike of teenaged musicians rising to fame within the blues genre. Jonny Lang was one such teenager but has worked his way as a standout from the phenomenal musical period. His debut album was remarkably successful in part due to his unlikely mature fifteen-year-old voice. He sounded like a weathered old soul despite his lack of age. He has remained relevant over the years by allowing his music to grow and develop just as he aged himself. He has walked himself into a modern R&B style suggestive of contemporary gospel music. He is also one of a few artists to remain interesting after an open-in-the-open religious conversion. Whereas such a cultural and lifestyle shift sometimes kills the spirit of many artists, Jonny Lang has used his conversion to fuel more creativity.


    Jonny Lang offers a musical experience that reminds audiences of blues greats with the foundation of eager youth. Starting as a professional musician as a teenager has allowed Lang the opportunity to tweak his sound long before his golden years. He has already won a Grammy and performed with some of history’s greatest artists, yet it’s arguable that his best is yet to come.

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