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Other Music Events 2021

We all have our favorite artists, musicians, singers, songwriters, genres, and stage performers. As fans of music, we become immersed in an ever-growing and ever-changing world. Despite loving music, the reality is that certain genres dominate the forefront of music culture. Alt-rock, EDM, R&B, Blues, etc. are all genres well known and well appreciated. Yet, what do we do with bands and artists who don’t fall into any obvious category?

We at SeatRetriever don’t want you to miss out on ANY of the live events that you might want to attend. Just because a performing group doesn’t fit the cultural norms, even the exotic vibes of a world music group, we don’t want them to be missed and left under the radar. SeatRetriever offers the best ticket prices for ALL events, and we are proud of that fact.

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  1. What’s That Sound?

    There is no way for a modern artist to avoid comparison to genres of time’s past. Yet, it doesn’t mean an artist has to be limited by one, two, or even three genre classifications. The genre-avoiding comedic group Axis of Awesome went so far to make the point in their “4 Chord Song.” In the popular song, they play the same four chords but sing the lyrics to numerous cross-genre songs. Bands who defy genre classification often seek to challenge the mainstream system as well as expose it for the recycling program it is. It’s not a bad thing. The best creators, whether in graphic design, film, or music pioneer by using what has already inspired them. Yet, these “other” artists break the creative fourth wall through song. Other examples of genre-defying bands are Kneebody, Rudder, and Tenacious D.

    Genre-Inclusive Events

    There is no greater minority than artists who lack clear style definition. Even so, more and more of these artists are wedging their way in major music events and festivals. The fact groups like Tenacious D and Lonely Island have found ways to be headlining performances demonstrates the music fan’s desire for something different. While these artists often pull from a handful of primary genres, they use music in alternative ways to entertain and delight audiences. Nearly every major festival, from Coachella to Lollapalooza, includes a handful of non-categorical artists. This is perhaps a safe way to experience such experimental live performances – amidst other bands and artists you know and love. To get tickets to attend festivals featuring a wide range of genre presences, visit SeatRetriever. SeatRetriever offers great deals to help you expand your musical horizons.

    A Broad Music Experience

    The music industry grows and changes all the time, even if you’re not aware of it. Through mainstream media, we are fed a typical and popularized stream of musical propaganda. The truth is that many artists are seeking to defy all odds by creating something totally new and original. Music fans all over the world who are seeking to break down creative boundaries can do so by attending a large music festival. Discover one near you, and visit SeatRetriever today.


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