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Ben Folds 2022

Ben Folds is an American singer, producer, and songwriter who was born on September 1, 1966, in Winston Salem, North Carolina. He was 9 years old when he started playing the piano and during this time, his music was influenced by the likes of Elton John and Billy Joel.

Ben Folds broke out of the rock band Ben Folds Five, where he played the piano and was their frontman from 1995 to 2000. Ben Folds gained popularity as he went solo after the band broke up. His tour was sold out during his solo act, as he gained popularity. He is one of the profound composers and has worked in huge capacity on several projects.

  1. What is Special?

    Ben Folds is an exceptional musician, producer, and songwriter of which his talent has seen him worked with so many artists in a different capacity. He is good at playing several instruments which includes the piano, keyboard, the guitar and has a good voice.

    With over six solo albums to his name, he has also featured as a judge in some musical shows including “a capella” competition which featured on NBC. He was on the show for four seasons, providing constructive comments and criticism. And also has some TV shows and a cameo appearance on “the community” and “we are the millers”. His exceptional writing skills saw was portrayed in the soundtrack of  Netflix original film Handsome, released in May 2017.

    Although he is recognized with the Ben Folds Five band, he has been part of several bands set up and work with various groups and artists. Some of the musicians he has worked with include Counting Crows, Sara Bareilles, The Bens, John Mayer, and other musicians. With dynamic performance, he has always attracted fans anywhere he is playing or any shows he appeared on. Over the years his fan base has continually grown and he has remained relevant.

    He gives his fans the best of performance especially in his live shows and has broken records on MySpace and YouTube.

    Notable Performances

    He has been on several tours as a solo artist as well as in a band especially with the Ben Folds Five. One of his notable tour as a headliner was with John Mayer. At some points during the tour, Ben Folds and John Mayer perform together on stage as he takes on the keyboard.

    One of his notable tours was when he toured together with Ben Kweller and Ben Lee and they traveled together as The Bens. They thrilled their fans on tour and went on to record four tracks together.

    Folds also has some notable performance with orchestras and other bands which include, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Western Australian Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and The Queensland Orchestra

    He also performed with the Sydney Symphony, North Carolina Orchestra, and Boston Pops Orchestra. His deep talent for music makes it easy for him to work with other people easily.

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