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Billy Joel 2022

Billy Joel of Bronx, New York, is a well-known music artist who took off in popularity in the 1970’s after a life of rebelling in his teens, and experiencing different and challenging failures in his musicianship. After a band breakup and a refreshing reboot to his career, he launched his album, The Stranger, which is responsible for helping grow his popularity worldwide.

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  1. Notable Performances by Billy Joel

    Notable Performances by Billy Joel will undoubtedly include his exciting 2019 performance in Wembley Stadium in London. His performance at Wembley Stadium will be his first showing in London in nearly 3 years.

    Past performances by Billy Joel include his seasonally-charged, New Years Ever concert in Sunrise, FL on December 31, 2017. It was his first ever New Year’s performance, which has been described as playful and lively by The Miami Herald, and allegedly lasted until 1am.

    The Billy Joel Experience

    Billy Joel’s performances are lively and sometimes feature guest-musicians, like Bruce Springsteen or other rockin’ artist pairings. Billy Joel has been performing for a long time, so he revisits concert venues and exposes the history of his musicianship, and has the musical ability to bring back the sound of the times. Join excited fans for the Billy Joel experience today, and be sure to subscribe to SeatRetriever for future notices of upcoming Billy Joel concerts.

    What’s Special?

    Billy Joel’s music stays relevant because it is upbeat, enjoyable, and fulfills crowds that are thirsty for good, timeless rock. Billy Joel is the sound of success that has arisen from a series of intense life events, emotion, and even failure. Don’t miss a live concert with Billy Joel; order tickets today to experience his performances live, and to hear energetic lyrics loaded with Beatle-esque twists and turns.

    How to Buy Tickets to Billy Joel

    Browse SeatRetriever’s concert archives to see the latest ticket offers to see Billy Joel live today. Our extensive offers and deals are sure to get you and your friends seats to a spectacular show, and the ultimate Billy Joel experience. Be sure to read through the lyrics before attending the concert to get the most out of the show.

    Before you Billy Joel perform live, be sure to check out some of his most popular hits:

    • “Uptown Girl”, from An Innocent Man
    • “Piano Man”, from Piano Man
    • “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, from Storm Front
    • “She’s Always a Woman”, from The Stranger
    • “Vienna”, from The Stranger
    • “Just the Way You Are”, from The Stranger
    • “Only the Good Die Young”, from The Stranger
    • “The Longest Time”, from An Innocent Man

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