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Bruno Mars 2021

Bruno Mars is a Grammy Award-winning artist that has paved his way to fame from the roots. He was born in Waikiki, Hawaii, and was a natural student of pop-music and performance at a young age. In his earliest performances, he was well-known in his local areas for Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson impersonations for his uncle’s band. After following his passion for performance, he developed an impulse to study and perform pop. He has been steadily making music and striving to collaborate artistically ever since his childhood.Read More ...

  1. What is Special about Bruno Mars?

    Bruno Mars is connected, and he is a producer of high-quality content. Ten of his songs have become top hits in America, and five of his songs as a featured artist have also made the cut. He has selflessly collaborated with many different and talented artists to produce these top hits.

    Artistic collaboration is a unique effort: some artists gatekeep and never let others in on their creative processes. Bruno Mars has established successful relations with notable artists like: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cardi B, Cee Lo Green, Diplo, Mark Ronson, and David Guetta. He stays connected as an artist, listening to feedback and helping others make top hits, to contribute to a healthier, high-quality musical age. Bruno Mars is putting in his work and taking his time. Each album he creates is sure to be articulate and deliberate. His performances continue to provide top-pop funk and entertainment to his fanbase.

    Notable Performances by Bruno Mars

    When Bruno Mars performs, he dances and interacts with the crowd. This was especially true when he performed at the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii for the 24K Magic Tour in November of 2018.

    It had been nearly four years since he had played a concert in his homeland. Although the concert began at 7:00pm, fans rapidly began accumulating at the venue around 12:00 noon. Hawaii News Now live-streamed fans in beautiful, traditional floral headdresses, and interviewed a few people who traveled internationally just to see Bruno Mars play a show on the islands he grew up in. The concert was energetic, colorful, and exciting, and Hawaii fans were especially honored to welcome him back for his homecoming.

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