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Pronounced as churches, Chvrches was formed in Glasgow, Scotland. The band is stylized as CHVRCHES. They were formed in 2011 by Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook, and Martin Doherty. The band surprised the world with their first album and immediately demanded attention from many music magazines and music circles. Their sound is distinct because it is a unique mixture of indie pop, electronic pop and synth pop. While all the members have become icons in their own right because of the band, Mayberry especially has become an indie celebrity.Read More ...

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  1. Electronic Performances

    Chvrches has continued to tour and they visit the whole world. They love appearing at festivals. They have been to SXSW a couple of times. The band has won a Grulke Prize at SXSW in 2013. The band performs at in different country’s music festivals. For example, they have played at the Flow Festival in Finland and the Falls Festival in Australia.

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    Captivating Pop

    When Chvrches entered the music scene, they sounded fresh and unique. A lot of their music was extremely catchy which made their albums accessible and inviting. It attracted a lot of people and fans. People appreciated the honesty and energy inside the music. Chvrches are amazing songwriters and have abused this skill in each release. They have created a distinct sound for themselves that everyone recognizes.

    It is always unique watching Chvrches perform. Despite their efforts to keep the spotlight off Mayberry, it is undeniable that she shines bright on stage. All three members have chemistry though and know how to make their electronic beeps sing. While Mayberry is usually using her voice, you can sometimes see her take up the drums depending on the song. Cook plays most of the guitar and bass sounds. Doherty will take some of the vocal duties. All of them use the synthesizer and sampler depending on the song.

    Scottish Heaven

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