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Clutch 2021

Clutch is a heavy rock band that was formed in Germantown, Maryland. The band was first formed as early as 1991 by Dan Maines, Jean-Paul Gaster, Tim Sult and Roger Smalls. Their rock music uses a lot of heavy psyche sounds that use a lot of distortion. Their music is defined by their heavy drumming and guitars. Many people think of them as one of the best stoner metal bands to ever exist.

Clutch initially went through some small line up changes but they soon settled with four members that would continue playing with each other for a lifetime. Read More ...

  1. Touring with the Bigs

    Since the band sits between the rock genre and the metal genre, you can find them touring with musicians from both musical genres. They have toured with Motorhead, Deftones and Alice in Chains. Since the band is originally from Maryland, you can often find them playing venues in Baltimore and Washington DC. These venues include the Ottobar and the 930 Club.

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    Heavy Rock

    Clutch has proven that they are one of the best bands of the 2000s and seem to keep proving that they can continue being great. The band has a clear direction and have perfected their style. They do not try to patronize their fans and they release music that they love and are good at creating and playing. Their heavy sounds and distorted guitar demands listeners to bang their heads to their music. Their music is wild and sexy but remains true to the heavy rock and stoner rock roots.

    At Clutch’s concerts; it becomes all about the energy that Clutch blasts into their songs. All of the members are extremely talented instrumentalists and know how to make powerful chords strike the air. You will feel your heart pumping and you will want to move to their performance. Their concerts encourage you to have fun and you will be exhausted afterward from all the dancing you do to their music.

    Energy and Fistpumps

    Clutch never stops improving and perfecting their signature sound. Their fans are loyal because they love that their expectations for quality music are always met and exceeded. Clutch has become one of the bands that are the face of the stoner rock scene in the 2000s.

    Their fans only continue to grow because Clutch only gets better at what they do. With a large number of loyal and new fans, you will need to act fast or you may miss their concerts. Seeing them will make you understand why so many people have fallen in love with this band.


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