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Colin Hay is a popular musician and songwriter who moved to the United States in the 80s to continue his solo musical career. He was formerly part of the group, Men at Work as the lead singer, and after some stink of success, the band broke up in 1985. He and his family migrated to Australia from Scotland, when he was only 14 years old.

Colin Hay can play the guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, and banjo as he is a very talented musician.Read More ...

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  1. Notable Performance of Collin Hall

    Collin Hays joined the Incredible Penguins as a vocalist to make the cover of Happy Xmas (War is Over), which was charity work. In the later part of his career, the tour becomes a major part of his act to enable to target new audiences.

    The tour activities were a new aspect of his career and took some time getting used to. He was used to reaching out to his audience through radio and was discouraged about the early turnout of his tour. At his age, he is still going strong on the road and giving his best performance. Although he always jokes about people telling him to retire and start a garden, he insists that there is nothing he can do but music.

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    What is Special about Colin Hay Live Show?

    With millions of copies sold, you do not have to be told that he is a mover in the music industry. His shows are not frequented just by the oldies, but by young people also who love to hear good storytelling with his lovely voice.

    When on stage, he controls the show, blending songs from his solo albums and those of his old band, Men at Work. He keeps his fans entangled in the music with his storytelling habit, which he performs well along with his music.  Hay is a good songwriter and stage performer, and he is not ready to quit music just yet and still has more to give on the road.

    The Colin Hay Experience

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