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Collie Buddz 2021

Colin Patrick Harper, better known by his stage name Collie Buddz, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Buddz is an American Bermudian and was born in 1984. His sings a lot of reggae songs and attracts many reggae fans throughout America and Latin America. Many of his singles have exploded onto the scene and are constantly played on pop radios throughout the world.

Buddz moved back to Bermuda at an extremely young age after his father’s death. In Bermuda, he came into contact with his Bermudian roots and heritage which has influenced his music. His older brother was also very influential in his life as he introduced him to reggae music.Read More ...

  1. Concerts for Dancing

    Buddz’s fame really shows in his tours as performs to sold-out shows in the thousands. He has toured with famous artists such as Cypress Hill, Rebelution and Matisyahu. Buddz loves touring and creates extensive tour schedules for himself and travels throughout the whole world. He also performs at music festivals and he has been seen at Lollapalooza, Boomtown, Summer Jam and the California Roots Festival.

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    Reggae Talent

    Fans of Buddz will always point to his voice because it is so perfect. It seemed like it was made for singing. It knows how to carry emotions perfectly and deliver them at a great pitch. His fans always say Buddz’s songs are the perfect music to chill to. Buddz always puts some of the best-produced beats into his music too. He mixes dancehall and reggae in his albums and you can tell he has been around these genres his whole life.

    Of course, Buddz is a great performer. He has honed his craft so you can expect quality but he also likes to experiment. He tries new songs and new beats in his concerts all the time. His songs are great to chill with but when you see him perform you will have a hard time resisting to dance and going wild. His music knows how to make sure you have a great night.

    A Music Favorite

    Buddz is incredibly talented and is extremely educated. He has dedicated his whole life to this scene and has studied it thoroughly. You can tell he knows how to keep his music fresh and beautiful.

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