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Elton John 2022

Elton John is one of the most successful solo music artists in the world. His music style is often compared to the Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Elton John is a talented musician, vocalist, and composer himself, and his career really took flight in the 1960’s. According to Spotify® Music, he has sold over 300-million records throughout his career, he has performed over 4,000 times in over 80 different countries, and he retains the record of the highest-sold single in the world: “Candle in the Wind”.Read More ...

  1. What is Special about Elton John?

    In 1999, Elton John won a Grammy Legend Award. This award is given to artists who have had significant success and influence in their genre of recorded music. For reference purposes, other Grammy Legend Award winners include Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, and Frank Sinatra. In short, if a music artist wins a Grammy Legend Award, they basically become certified musical legends that will influence their genre for many years to come.

    Elton John radiates style! He has sported intricate fashion and poise not limited to full-on stage costumes, wild hats, glasses, shiny suits, and more. Elton John’s fashion is easily recognizable, and it adds a great deal of charisma to all of his performances and guest appearances. He has incredible stage presence and sports his wild fashion boldly. His most notable element of fashion is his seemingly-everchanging glasses frames.

    Lady Gaga paid a Grammy tribute to Elton John in the form of a dedicated stage performance. She dressed in full-on Elton fashion and surprised the audience by pulling out a pair of sparkling shades before launching into a piano and voice solo. She personally thanked Elton, who was wearing crystal-studded, heart-shaped glasses in the crowd, and passionately sang him one of his own hits: “I’m Still Standing”.

    Notable Performances by Elton John

    Elton John’s BBC2 performance of “Levon” for Songs of Saturday in the United Kingdom made The Rolling Stone’s top 10 performances of Elton John’s career. The performance was recorded in 1971, and has been said to be monumental to the start of Elton John’s prime. The band was showcased on live TV and made sure to kick the groove in part of the way through the song to allow Elton John to solo. When the band’s groove took over, the performance was reviewed by the press and said to have incorporated a new kind of depth in rock and roll.

    Elton John threw a free concert in Manhattan in 1980, where he played an improvised and famously lengthy version of his popular hit: “Bennie and the Jets”. He and his band stretched the song out in ways that were never heard again, and it took them nearly 10 minutes to finally finish.

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