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Enrique Bunbury, originally Enrique Ortiz de Landázuri Izarduy, got his stage name from the Oscar Wilde play The Importance of Being Earnest. Born in 1967 in Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain, Enrique Bunbury began singing as a child. He joined his first band in high school, and by 1984 he debuted as a lead vocalist with the group Zumo de Vidrio. It was then he adopted his stage name. Then Bunbury formed the group Héroes del Silencio who he would play with until the band split in 1996. In 1997 Enrique Bunbury embarked a solo career which continues to this day.Read More ...

  1. Enrique Bunbury Live

    Bunbury is a simplistic live performer, and for good reason. All he has to do is get up and sing because his voice is so exceptional. In his most popular YouTube video, a live recording of the song “Aunque No Sea Conmigo” which has 165 million views, Bunbury takes center stage dressed in all black. His black curls are topped with a black sombrero. The stage lighting and accompanying instruments are all designed to make Bunbury’s voice the focal point for the audience. Bunbury’s dedication to live music is demonstrated by his releasing nearly as many live albums as he has studio albums.

    Buying Tickets to See Enrique Bunbury Live in Concert

    Enrique Bunbury has been successful in touring the world for around two decades now. He obviously focuses on visiting places where Spanish is spoken as the first language. He will still frequent many American cities where Spanish is spoken by a high proportion of the population, like Los Angeles and New York. When visiting New York Bunbury likes to play at Terminal 5, in LA he has taken the stage at the Hollywood Palladium. Bunbury also frequents venues in Texas such as San Antonio’s Aztec Theatre. In 2007 Bunbury got back together with Héroes del Silencio for a ten-city tour. The tour focused on cities throughout Spain and Latin America. If you would like to take in Bunbury’s voice in person, then visit SeatRetriever today. SeatRetriever offers outstanding deals for concerts featuring all your favorite artists, including Enrique Bunbury.

    More About Enrique Bunbury

    Bunbury is somewhat of an eccentric. Not only does his clever stage name highlight this eccentricity, but Bunbury is also a vegan and he will typically wear hoop earrings on stage. Bunbury is one of those musicians who is constantly experimenting with new sounds and changes things up as a rule. Middle Eastern music, cabaret, blues, and flamenco can be added to the list of influences he has incorporated into his music over the years. Bunbury has also joined several female Latina performers to record. These artists include Erica Garcia, Julieta Venegas, Zoé, and Mon Laferte. Mon Laferte music video for “Mi Buen Amor” featuring Bunbury has over 200 Million views on YouTube.

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