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Florence and the Machine 2019

There’s hardly a more powerful voice in all of music than that of Florence Welch, frontwoman and songwriter for Florence and the Machine. Ever since they burst onto the scene with 2009’s powerhouse of a debut, Lungs, they’ve been a mainstay on pop radio and regulars on the international tour circuit, securing a string of chart-topping albums and gaining droves of devoted fans in the process.

Florence and the Machine is the brainchild of Florence Welch, the South London native, and songwriter who lends her name to the group. The “Machine” part of the group is a fellow founding member and keyboardist Isabella “Machine” Summers. Together with a group of rotating musicians, they have steadily churned out hits such as “The Dog Days are Over,” “Shake it Out,” and “You’ve Got the Love.”

Oct 11
10:00 PM
New Yorker Festival: Florence and The Machine Talks With John Seabrook
Concert Hall at The New York Society For Ethical Culture, New York, US
  1. Notable Performances

    There aren’t many modern performers who can match the intensity of a Florence and the Machine live performance. Their sound is big, and even the biggest stages can barely contain them. Florence and the Machine tours have taken them all over the world, seeing them performing in venues such as Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, the Target Center in Minneapolis, and the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

    How to get Florence live tickets

    Florence and the Machine tickets are a hot commodity. With their album sales soaring and word of their raucous live shows spreading quickly, last minute Florence and the Machine tickets can be hard to find. SeatRetriever is a great place to start looking. Check SeatRetriever regularly for updates and great deals, giving you the best chance to catch this spectacular artist live in concert.

    What’s Special?

    Clad in striking Victorian-styled clothing and with a mane of vibrant red hair, Florence is a striking figure onstage. Add to that a voice that could very likely shatter glass, and you’re guaranteed an unforgettable show. Florence and the Machine live shows are known for their energy. Florence works hard on stage, and the fans are rewarded with a performance they won’t soon forget.

    With a voice as powerful and instantly recognizable as hers, it would be a shame for Florence to keep it all to herself. She has lent her vocal talents to artists as varied as Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris, and A$AP Rocky. Onstage, she’s in just as much demand. For instance, she’s dueted with Mick Jagger at multiple Rolling Stones shows, giving the veteran singer a real run for his money in the process.

    When it comes to Florence and the Machine live shows, expect a bit of controlled chaos. Rolling Stone magazine has called her shows “cathartic” and “athletic,” a reference to her bountiful energy and all-or-nothing approach to performing. Any Florence and the Machine show is likely to feature Florence bounding around the stage with almost ballerina-like moves. Her backing band delivers the bombastic music that is a perfect match for her soaring voice.

    Florence and Machine albums continue to gain in popularity, and every new release is a true event. Each new record seems to gather more fans like moths to the flame. Albums How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, and High as Hope have each continued her ascent to the top of the charts and spawned tours that took the band all over the world. Florence and the Machine lyrics are beautifully wrought and often lay bare the singer’s personal issues. The stories in songs such as “Hunger” and “South London Forever” are poignant and oftentimes as therapeutic to her fans as they are to her.

    Florence and the Machine Experience

    While their records are spectacular, there’s no doubt that the best way to experience Florence and the Machine songs is to hear them live. SeatRetriever can help you find tickets so that you can enjoy this artist at the peak of her powers.


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