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Gin Blossoms are an American rock band formed in Tempe, Arizona during 1987. Their name comes from the caption of a picture in Kenneth Anger’s book, Hollywood Babylon. The caption reads, “W.C. Fields with gin blossoms.” The band went through several changes in its roster during its early years including a switch between the rhythm guitarist and lead singer position. Founding member, lead guitarist, and songwriter, Doug Hopkins began to drink heavily and became depressed during the recording of the group’s first successful album, New Miserable Experience (1992). “Hey Jealousy” the lead single of the album written by Hopkins, reached No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but Hopkins was removed by management from the band for his behavior. Scotty Johnson replaced Hopkins as the guitarist.Read More ...

  1. In early 1997, Gin Blossoms split. Two bands Gas Giants and Rai were formed by the members afterward. One, Bill Leen, left music to operate a rare bookstore. The band decided to get back together in 2002, which was successful, except that the band lost another original member, Phil Rhodes, to alcoholism. Major Lodge (2006), No Chocolate Cake (2010), Mixed Reality (2018) have all been released by the band since their reunion.

    The Gin Blossoms sound is categorized as the “Miller Avenue sound”, referring to other bands such as The Sidewinders, The Refreshments, The Meat Puppets, and Dead Hot Workshop, all from Arizona. Their music can also be classified as jangle pop. The began their career working with A&M Records and have since moved on to Cleopatra Records, with whom they released their 2010 album.

    Gin Blossoms Live

    The Gin Blossoms appear on stage as nineties poster boys, they are blue jeans, long hair, and ball caps. Each member has their own interpretation of the head bob which they practice as they play their instruments. The band’s guitar sound is comprised of tightly compressed Stratocasters. The top comment on a video of the Gin Blossoms performing “Hey Jealousy” reads, “This is so nineties it hurts.” The next comment reads, “The only thing that could make this video more ‘90s is if Mathew Perry walked by.” That being said the official version of the song has over 17 million views on YouTube.

    Buying Tickets to See Gin Blossoms Live in Concert

    Many bands have joined the Gin Blossoms on stage over the years. These groups include Kiss, Everclear, Sugar Ray, Lit, and Marcy Playground. The last four were all part of the Summerland Tour the Gin Blossoms joined in 2012. This tour stopped at venues like the PNC Pavillon in Cincinnati, Ohio, Chasten Park Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia, and Roseland Ballroom in New York City. If you are interested in purchasing tickets to see Gin Blossoms live in concert, then visit SeatRetriever now. SeatRetriever has spectacular deals on tickets for all your favorite artists’ shows, including Gin Blossoms’.

    More About Gin Blossoms

    Robin Wilson feels as though the 2018 album Mixed Reality was the completion of a musical full circle in conjunction with their first album New Miserable Experience. He told the Long Islander News in 2018 that the new album consisted of tracks, “we would have wanted to record in the ‘90s,” he said. Perhaps the albums both captured a something similarly “elemental,” as Wilson puts it.

    Throughout their career, the Gin Blossoms have stayed true to their Mill Avenue roots. They typically recruit band members from other groups in the area. For example, Gary Smith came from The Pistoleros, another band from Tempe.

    Witness the Gin Blossoms Live

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