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Hellyeah 2020

HellYeah, or more popularly written as HELLYEAH, are a favorite among heavy metal music fans all over the world. The band was formed as a supergroup as the founding members already built a significant reputation for themselves before they formed this band. The band is from Dallas, Texas and was formed in 2006. The founding members of the band included Tom Maxwell, Chad Gray, Greg Tribbett, Jerry Montano, and Vinnie Paul.

Since HellYeah is a supergroup, all the members were playing in notable metal bands and met each other through this scene.Read More ...

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  1. Bursting Live Performances

    HellYeah loves touring and they make sure they visit as many cities as possible every year. They headlined a tour in 2010 and they were joined by Seether, Five Finger Death Punch, Drowning Pool, and Lacuna Coil. The band is a popular guest at the Download Festival and have performed there multiple years. They also have performed at Gigantour and Graspop Metal Meeting. They almost always steal the show at any festival they play at and drag tons of fans to all their performances.

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    Grooves and Hooks

    HellYeah knows how to make metal that still goes hard but is also catchy and fun to listen to. They are from Texas and know exactly what it feels like to be rough around the edges. They sing music that reflects this strength and pride. Their music knows how to be aggressive and relatable to the crowd it is meant for. Only true metal fans will understand the ecstasy you feel while you listen to HellYeah.

    These are some of the best musicians of the world. When they perform, you can truly see their talent and skill. Their guitarists are always playing fast paced riffs that will blow your mind. Their drumming is so fast that you will constantly be headbanging. Your fists will stay in the air throughout the show.

    Furious and Amazing

    Tickets for this band are always available. The band loves their fans and wants everyone to have an opportunity to see them. Get your seats and experience the wildest concert ever.


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