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Kim Petras 2022

Kim Petras is a German pop musician who came into limelight when she was regarded as the youngest transgender. She is currently based in Los Angeles but was born in Germany on August 27, 1992, where she has become one of the top rising pop singer and songwriter.

Petra had a transgender surgery at the age of 16 years as he was convinced that he is a female and with the help of her parents. Read More ...

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  1. Kim Petras Notable Performances

    With increasing popularity with her music, Kim Petras has made several appearances on stage with notable tours. She had headlined in Broken Tour, and Clarity Your held in 2019 and was a supporting artist in Bloom Tour for Troye Sivan in 2018. One of her notable performances to date was appearing as a guest artist for Rita Ora’s Phoenix World Tour.

    Her music has earned her top chart spots on Spotify where she has sold many copies of her singles and albums. With so much publicity, especially after the revelation of her gender surgery, she was placed at number 19 on the billboard artist chart.

    What’s Special about Kim Petras

     Famous artists inspired the pop artist who has taken the American music industry by storm like of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, Madonna and The Spice Girls, as well as Boy George, Debbie Harry, Queen, Freddie Mercury, Judy Garland, Baby E, Lil Aaron, and Liz Y2K

    Kim’s style of music blends pop, electronic dance music and Italian disco which have raged the dance floor of clubs and has set sages alight on tours. She said her music as about boy, heartbreak, sex and about her life. She feels comfortable with fans singing along to her music while performing on stage.

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    The Kim Petras Experience

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