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Marilyn Manson 2022

Marilyn Manson is an enigma and a controversial rock band, with his lead singer who goes by the name Marilyn Manson. His real name is Brian Hugh Warner and was born on January 5, 1969, in Canton, Ohio.

He was earlier a music journalist, writing articles on musicians before he moved became a rock star. His brand of music includes metallic rock, industrial rock, alternative metal, glam rock, shock rock, and hard rock. He is a singer, actor, record producer, and author.Read More ...

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  1. What is Special about Marilyn Manson

     He is the only constant member of the band with all other members changing constantly. He is a controversial artist with his style and contents of music that makes him unique.

    However, the band had been a huge success even with its controversial stance. They have sold millions of albums with one reaching platinum while four other albums attaining the Gold level for sales. He has been nominated four times for Grammy award, won an MTV music award with several other nominations and one-lifetime achievements awards.

    They have huge cult followership as the crowd follows them anywhere on tour.

    Performances on Stage

     He has very enigmatic on stage and his vocals do changes and involve the use of artificial enhancement. With the use of technology, he can alter his voice when playing on stage. The fans are entertained are thrilled in stage, with some of them singing along to his songs.

    Marilyn Manson has worked with other artists making an appearance in one of DMX album, Godhead and Skylar Grey albums.

    Get Tickets to Watch Him Perform

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    Watch Marilyn Manson Performed

     Catch a glimpse of those electrifying performances on stage with his voice. He has some technicians working along to enhance his voice when he performs. This is an additional enhancement in making his shows lively.

    He is also an actor, being involved in some top movies and television series. He has appeared in the final season of the popular series “Sons of Anarchy” alongside other.


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