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Mastodon 2021

This American heavy metal band was formed in 2000. They were created in Atlanta, Georgia by Troy Sanders, Brent Hinds, Bill Kelliher, and Brann Dailor. They have remained incredibly active since they formed and are incredibly consistent. They are considered one of the forefront bands of the 2000s metal scene. Their songs have tons of complex metal structures but they can also play simpler heavier stuff. People have described them as a progressive metal band and a sludge metal band.

The band was formed because the four members all had a mutual appreciation for sludge metal bands. Read More ...

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  1. Big Tours

    Mastodon has always been a fan favorite for many different music festivals. They played with Slipknot and Slayer at The Unholy Alliance Tour. The band also participates in the Pitchfork Festival. They have also toured with Metallica in Europe. The band has been invited to perform on national television including late night shows. They have performed at Conan O’brien’s show and Jimmy Fallon’s show where they impressed many people.

    Seeking Tickets Out

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    Metal for the Masses

    Mastodon has managed to become popular with metal fans and with people who normally do not listen to metal. Their initial album releases were dedicated to metal roots but used clever differences like jazz drumming. They have become a different beast since then and some of their newer releases have metal songs that sound like spirals that expand your head.

    All the band members are extremely talented. Their live performances are exciting because they know the best time to impress the crowd with their sick instrument playing. Just like their name, their live performances make their name feel big and epic. The band plays from their heart and you can experience the soundscapes they play at full volume. Your heart will shake and your bones will even feel the sound. You have to join millions of fans to see them if you are even a tiny fan.

    The band has also had many of their songs used in video games such as the Guitar Hero franchise and the NFL games. They also performed the opening song for Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s movie.

    The Large Mastodon

    Their music really does seem like a mastodon because of the power and build-ups. They have made some of the most memorable albums in music history and continually impress critics and music fans in general. If you want to experience a metal band, Mastodon is a perfect place to start.

    Mastodon has many fans that are not normally metal fans. This makes their fanbase very unique and large. Getting to know the community is fun and perfect for anyone looking for a good time.


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