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Passion Pit 2022

Passion Pit creates frenetic, danceable indie music that’s coated with a bubble-gum pop sheen. Their sound is mostly computer based, formed of blips and samples, but that’s not to say that it isn’t warm and inviting. Fans have been drawn to the meticulously assembled songs and the band’s energetic live shows ever since their debut album began making waves.

Beginning as a Valentine’s Day gift of a few songs dedicated to his girlfriend, Michael Angelakos found that music was more of a calling than he thought. Read More ...

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  1. Notable Performances

    Over the years, Passion Pit tours have hit some of the most well-known venues out there. Fans have been lucky enough to catch Passion Pit live shows at First Avenue in Minneapolis, the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C., and the Midland Theater in Kansas City. In their early days, Passion Pit found some a new audience through opening for Death Cab for Cutie. In 2012, they performed live on the sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live. The band has also played at many festivals, including Summerfest in Milwaukee and a headline appearance at the “Coastline Festival” in Tampa Florida.

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    What’s Special

    As most Passion Pit records are primarily solo projects of singer and producer Michael Angelakos, hearing the songs played live can bring a whole new dimension to them. Drummer Chris Hartz, in particular, adds an altogether new feeling to songs, giving them a presence that translates well to the live setting.

    Any Passion Pit live show might feature a bubble machine pumping out into the crowd. Singer Michael Angelakos can be expected to bounce around on stage, pointing the microphone into the crowd for chorus assistance on songs like “Moth’s Wings,” “Sleepyhead,” and “The Reeling.” Expect full on chaos when the opening keyboard lines of “Take a Walk,” ring out, as crowds can’t help but move to its driving beat and dangerously hooky chorus.

    Passion Pit lyrics are renowned for their openness and depth. Underneath a saccharine chorus could lie some truly beautiful and heartbreaking words. Songs like “Lifted Up (1985)” and “Carried Away,” while incredibly catchy, actually contain some truly moving lyrics. Passion Pit concerts offer fans the chance to hear their favorite lyrics live.

    The Passion Pit Experience

    Fans have long raved about the great experience of hearing their favorite Passion Pit songs live. The band knows how to put on a good show, which is one of the reasons that cheap Passion Pit tickets can be so hard to find. SeatRetriever can help you find the best time to buy Passion Pit tickets.


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